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  • Typing in the cheat code "WUV WOO" will get you a magical, purple, flying hippo that wears a top hat and shoots hearts at its enemies... But that's not the funny part. Click on its description. Now you can laugh.
    • Same with the Canadian Laser Bear (code "O CANADA") and his monkey friends. Surprisingly, this is one of the most powerful members of your team.
  • The blooper reel towards the end of the credits.
    Gargarensis: Roses are red, violets are blue, I'm going to kill you, doobie-doo.
  • Also when Ajax suggests that Arkantos's boats need repairs:
    Arkantos: [defensive] You don't think they can make it to Atlantis?
    [boat creaks and capsizes]
    Ajax: No...
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  • Ajax and Arkantos are good for these in general. Another amusing interaction occurs when Arkantos suggests the Trojan Horse.
    Ajax: I don't understand... Will it fight?
    Arkantos: [facepalm]
  • When entering Nifleheim:
    Ajax: You go first, Chiron. If you don't fall screaming to your death, we'll follow you.
    Amanra: Ugh...Tell me when you have decided who goes first. I'll be waiting at the bottom.
  • It's probably supposed to sound badass, but something about the delivery of this line is just hilarious:
    Ajax: You may feel less like fighting after I've pulled off your head!
  • Again from Ajax:
    Ajax: [After shooting a herald with a ballista and being asked to surrender] We surrender! Move a little closer.
  • There's something oddly hilarious about this line:
    Arngrim's soldier: Folstag ate my cattle and hurled my cabin into the river!
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  • The cutscene where two random Norsemen comment that Gargarensis is the ugliest giant they've ever seen.
  • Upon arriving in the Northlands after defeating Cerberus in Egypt:
    Ajax: I wish we could have brought that Guardian with us.
    Kastor: (seeing someone approaching) I don't think we'll need it. This Titan looks much weaker.
    Amanra: That is not a Titan.
    Folstagg: That's right. The Titan is over there. (cut to what the entire group somehow missed, the Norse titan and its army rampaging through a town and smashing everything in sight to pieces.)
  • Greta Forkbeard who, going by the mugshot, is really ugly. If you check her bio it reads "She has a great personality".
  • Skult and the Old man from Ioklos have special attacks according to their bios.
    • Skult - Special attack: Grovels or flees
    • Old Man - Special attack: Makes a mighty strong tea.
  • A mission to Circe's island has Arkantos and Ajax turned into boars. Ajax's bio, much shortened, states that this form is probably more suited to his personality.
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  • Agamemnon's special attack as described on his bio: "lost his spear on the way, so he just pummels things with his fists."
  • The bios of the men transformed into normal pigs read "Do not eat this pig, or you will be sad."
  • At one point you need to track down lost camel caravans and send them on their way to get gold. Ajax grumps, "Another stupid camel" once you've found several. This is also good on a meta level - if there are caravans around anywhere, you have to micro manage your units to keep them from wandering off attacking them as they try to go about their routes.
  • In the "Good Advice" level you must transverse Arkantos' dream. The very first hint the game gives you if you check the mission details? "Next time don't drink so much wine before dozing off under a palm tree".

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