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Younger gods are more powerful then older gods
This is why Osiris is more powerful then any of the titans, including Kronos.This also explains why the young gods could survive being swallowed by Kronos because he thought they would be at the same power as him.
  • Actually, the reason why "real life" Kronos swallowed his children is that they're immortal, so that was the only way to keep them from fighting him. So, technically, every god would survive that.
    • So, why was Gaia able to beat up her son, Kronos?
      • Because Gaia kinda breaks the scale; she's not just a god or a Titan, she's basically the entire world with a mind. Kronos is getting hit by the planet.
      • Actually, if you go by the units' in-game stats, they're about equal, it's just that Gaia has a special attack that only works on Kronos and does extreme damage to him.
      • You mean Gaia is Kronos' beloved smother, alright.

Chiron did not die, he was captured
He's immortal as the main page keeps pointing out, so logically, the bad guys captured him and are tormenting him for helping to foil their plans. But then again, this IS A GAME one set in an alternative universe, and as such the logic behind his capture, can be hit or miss.

In Age of Mythology, the myths are cyclic and repeat themselves
So ever, lets say 100 years or so the Trojans and the Greeks fight it out, Hercules is born, Osiris gets cut apart, etc, the events in the story are Kronos attempting break this cycle by getting the Atlanteans involved in this Trojan War thus setting off enough butterfly effects to give him a chance escape.
  • Possible evidence: A number of relics that can be found include things that probably should be with the people they're associated with, like Odin's Spear and Wand, the Fetters of Fenrir, the Khopesh of Horus, the Sistrum of Bast, Apollo's Kithara, Hera's Thundercloud Shawl, Dionysus' staff, etc. It may be that when Ragnarok or something similar happens to end the world the cycle of myths resets/the world is remade, and lucky people and artefacts may make it between incarnations and the surviving/reborn gods just commission new items rather than looking for the previous ones.

Isis is actually Io
Most people don't know this, but the Crossover Cosmology trope is Older Than Dirt and Classical Mythology often overlapped with
Egyptian Mythology (see the presence of sphynxes and griffins in both mythologies and the Euripides play Helen for examples). In some versions of the Io myth, she winds up in Egypt and is deified as the goddess Isis. If we take this interpretation for the game (and it would make sense, given the premise) that would certainly explain why Isis appears as a fair-skinned Caucasian woman in her portrait, in contrast to the more African or Ambiguously Brown appearance of the other Egyptian characters.

The titans Iapetos, Krios, Koios and Pallas are dead
Explaining their conspicuous absence from the Atlantean pantheon in the Titans expansion. In some versions of Greek mythology, these titans were involved in the war of the giants, and were killed, along with the giants, by Ares and Athena.
  • In Age of Mythology, Prometheus was stated to be killed when he was defeated. Deicide may be a serious possibility.

They'll eventually release a another expansion pack for this game that features another ancient mythology
  • Well, Age of Empires II got 3 expansion packs within the last 3-4 years, and since it's been less than a year since the Rise of Dragons, it would make perfect sense. It's extremely unlikely that they'd release one about the Romans, but there are a large number of other mythologies they could use...
    • Confirmed, the Tale of the Dragon expansion pack added the Chinese mythology.
    • Unlikely, A third expansion may come out (likely after a possible Definitive Edition) although considering the growing resent towards Microsoft Studios, Skybox, and Forgotten Empires (the current developers of re-releases, and expansions) and rather lackluster reviews and community outlook on the current Extended Edition of Age of Mythology (aswell with the seemingly abandoment for said version, by the very developers, likely due to EE's rather poor treatment) definitely will squash it. If said expansion came out, or will be announced, it'd be very likely to be about the Aztecs, considering most of the playerbase lives in South America (and come from Mexico, the home of the Aztecs) and a lot of the playerbase has stated in the official subreddit has stated they'd like to see the Aztecs (or another Mesoamerican civilization) in the game.
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    • Petersen and the Old Guard's imput is still felt in the Forgotten Empires expansions, as evidenced by The African Kingdoms. His already voiced favorites are the Aztecs (of course), followed distantly by the Celts and Mesopotamians (in that order).

Bragi was originally supposed to be Freyr
Battle boars, magic swords, the swine array, and the thurisaz rune all have some level of connection to the Norse God Freyr, who features only in the "Golden Gift" campaign. It's possible someone just drew the wrong portrait after it was too late to change anything.

Gargarensis' last name is Chesterton
And his middle name starts with the letter "K".

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