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  • Edina's outrageously childish tantrum when told she can't come to Saffron's college open day.
  • Saffron, finding out Patsy was in the kitchen when it caught on fire. "She inhaled our kitchen!"
  • Eddie and Saffron finally raid the unseen Serge's locked bedroom to find something, and accidentally come across Serge's hidden Porn Stash. When they start leafing through the stack of Playboys...
    Patsy: What year?
    Saffron: 1972.
    Patsy (more urgently): WHAT MONTH?!
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  • When Saffron finally flees to the safety of the university dorms, she's horrified by the rank amateurs at partying she's surrounded herself with.
    Saffron: Oh for GOD'S SAKE that roach isn't properly rolled tight!

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