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  • In the first episode, the hosts were clearly uncomfortable with kissing on the cheek as a greeting, which was done by a good number of the European delegates.
  • Tyler, the original American representative, going at it in a four-character phrase competition with the hosts. When he loses, they push him to drink...and he points out that he needed something to drink in the process.
  • In the same episode, each of the panelists were asked which female celebrity they would like to see as the Korean representative. None of them appeared, but with comedian Jang Dong Min instead. They even wondered if he was being accompanied by someone else! (There would be two in the next episode, however).
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  • Sam telling the group that in Ghana, babies drink a little bit of alcohol. This shocked the panel significantly. This became a case of Aluminum Christmas Trees in the next episode, where it was revealed that in one part of Ghana, they do this so a baby would learn how to be truthful.
    Yoo Se-yoon: "Do babies drink with other babies?"
  • When Daniel Snoeks argued that if you love someone enough to get married, their background doesn't matter, Sam tilted his head to one side saying "anindee" (that's not right/that's not it in Korean). It became Memetic.
  • The performance reviews in episode three. They ranged from Robin saying he liked everyone to Julian getting called out for talking too loudly and spitting. Since they were written anonymously, each of the representatives had to guess who wrote that review on them. Hilarity Ensues.
    • A particularly hilarious moment was when one of the performance reviewers looked highly to Enes and even wanted to live with him. Even more hilarious was when it was Daniel Snoeks who wrote the review.
  • When Daniel Snoeks showed his taekwondo skills to the panel through breaking some boards, Sam wanted to try to break them as well. Needless to say, they diminished Daniel's accomplishments, as they were fragile enough to allow even a snap to break them.
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  • When Enes gives a relatively deadpan and non-romantic pick-up line in Episode 4, several other members decided to help give him a better one. Yoo Se-yoon goes "I have a sword, and a horse...", a Call-Back to a line from two episodes prior. Enes tries again, and fails.
  • When the hosts suggested seating changes at the end of episode 4, "Takuya can sit on Zhang Yuan's lap next week."
  • Robin spitting out "Porn over bread" when discussing about German porn culture at the beginning of episode 5.
  • The English-language section in episode 5. Takuya and Zhang Yuan tried to talk to each other in the language. When Takuya says "nice to meet you too", Zhang Yuan responds with a deadpan "bye".
    • In addition, there's an English language debate on whom would pay for dinner that night. The guest of the day suggested "Dutch pay!", ending the argument.
  • Zhang Yuan freezing up when he had to show his dance moves in episode 6, with Enes popping out of his seat to dance in his place. The whole clip has to be seen to be believed.
  • Episode 8 began with the panelists laughing at Enes' modeling photographs, which depict him in a couple of silly poses. It was to the point where Daniel Snoeks had to show him how to pose better.
    • Julian also gets his old photos shown—in which nobody recognized him. Even more hilarious was when he discussed about his failed venture as a member of the boyband "Bonjour"; the songs are even more hilarious to the point of Narm.
  • The Chuseok episode is filled with funny moments—from charades to the "Household Goods" quiz in episode 8 to a singing competition, there's so many moments that by the end of the episode, one would be laughing out loud.
  • While the representatives were discussing about where would they be in ten years, the camera focuses on Zhang Yuan. Just as when he was about to say where he would be, a voice came out saying, "not him!"
  • When Alberto Mondi was on break in episode 12, another Alberto takes his place, and receives a lot of nicknames from the panel.
  • This hilarious argument between Andreas and Zhang Yuan about parenting in episode 60
  • Many fans have created fanart based on the G's, but this one particularly takes the cake for showing the original representatives' attitudes

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