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Fridge / Resident Evil: Vendetta

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Fridge Horror

  • This kicks in at the ending, where the cure works, except some people were fatally injured by the infected to make more zombies and those ones will probably drop dead. And then there's the psychological trauma that some of the cured infected will have when they realize they have attacked and probably eaten multiple people.
    • There's also the fact that the heroes operated on the logic that the whole city would probably have to be wiped like in previous outbreaks, and thus were liberal with explosives and high-grade destructive weaponry to deal with threats as they came. And personally killed a large amount of Trigger Virus victims themselves, mostly in self-defense. The fact that the virus could be cured meant that even with New York City saved, the BSAA were responsible for a lot of innocent deaths, especially with the railgun Nadia used that moderately wounded the Big Bad - and wiped out several buildings worth of innocents.
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    • It says a lot about Leon's Took a Level in Cynic that he tosses around live grenades and narrowly avoids a fatal crash from a car pileup on an active highway without even a single second of hesitation or looking back, considering his nature of always trying to save everyone he can from every story prior.

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