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Vendetta is based on the original idea for Resident Evil 7

While Resident Evil 6 was in production, it was already planned that a sequel would follow on the same style of third-person, bombastic action intersped with some horror moments, saving an effective team-up of Chris and Leon for it, and also bringing back Rebecca. However, the very mixed reception RE6 got brought Capcom to rethink their strategy for future games, bringing in the RE7 we know, while deciding to not make the old ideas go to waste, putting them into a third CGI movie, a media that may be unironically more suited for that style of story.


This will be a Start of Darkness for Chris

Given how 7 has Chris conducting operations for a revived Umbrella Corporation, the apparent Face–Heel Turn will be brought up here. 5 and 6 both have him making rash snap decisions out of anger, with 6 pretty heavily implying he's become a Death Seeker. In the trailers he's arguing with Leon, Rebecca gets kidnapped, and he loses an entire squad... again, not to mention what might happen over the course of the film that isn't shown by the trailers. The events of this film might be the straw that breaks the camel's back for him.

  • The extended trailer suggests Rebecca becomes infected and Chris has to kill her. This would set him up to explain his Not a Hero status and write Rebecca out of the story. Would the film do this? It would be an emotional Gut Punch that would rock the fans.
  • Jossed. Rebecca is still very much alive and well by the end of the film, Leon is the jaded one this time around, and nothing is alluded to that might set up the events of RE7.
  • The Chris Redfield we saw in RE7 may be confirmed to be the Chris Redfield we know by Capcom but one may never know if that is Chris who went undercover or a clone of Chris Redfield, similar to the clone concept of the live action Resident Evil movies starring Alice, the very same thing being done back in RE6 via Carla as Ada Wong.
    • Answer is finally out. It is indeed Chris Redfield. He now has a Navigator or Mission Control partner albeit unseen who gives him instructions similar to Hunnigan for Leon. Umbrella is now a PMC but Chris still does not trust Umbrella which is now an "In Name Only" company and he joins to keep an eye on said Umbrella.

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