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Fridge / Lego City Undercover

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Fridge Horror

  • There's a LEGO store in Bright Lights Plaza. Since people themselves are LEGO, just what is going on in there? Are parts of people being sold to children?
    • Lego is maybe a brand of different toys,selling flesh-like little doll.
    • Or perhaps they have miniaturized versions of bricks, scaled to be toy-size for the LEGO people.
    • Lego sells prosthesis for lego people.
    • We, as humans, have Barbie dolls, so it's not that freaky!
      • Barbie dolls aren't very realistic though...
      • That's because she's obviously had work done.
      • Who said the Minifigs were realistic?
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    • Lots of things are made from Lego bricks in the world. The stores probably sell bricks, studs, and the like, not minifigures. In fact, you can break some of the set boxes and they yield nothing but bricks.
    • Another possibility is that it's for the Minifigs what Rite-Aid, Walgreens, and the like are for us.
  • Just how is Vinnie Pappalardo going to react when he learns that his favorite new mook "Chasie" is a cop? note  For all our talk on how nice a guy Vinnie is, in the end he is still a Mafia don. Or, more to the point, a Mafia don stereotype. And one thing these Mafia don stereotypes take very seriously is the concept of loyalty and betrayal — especially if the betrayal is by someone close to him. Let's just say it's very likely that Vinnie will soon put Chase... ON ICE! (Hey Moe, they still give skatin' lessons down at the ice rink, don't they?)

Fridge Logic

  • How are those cats holding out in Fireman!Chase's helmet?
    • It's a wormhole to the fire station where the cats are kept until someone wants to adopt. Or something.
    • The same technology that Farmer!Chase uses to keep the chicken under his hat.

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