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  • Later in the game you have to steal a robotic T-Rex from a museum. You leave fully expecting another police chase around the city and worse yet, your vehicle has only one heart. Except the T-Rex is completely indestructible and unstoppable, destroying everything in its way. So you basically stomp around, roar, tail-whip, and terrorize pretty much everything and everyone in your path, watching your brick count rise as you destroy every police vehicle that tries to chase you. Epic.
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  • The freefalls in Bluebell Mines and Mount Cashmore.
  • The final level, Fly me to The Moon: Chase pursues Blackwell into space from his own shuttle, sneaking into the moon colony and eventually Blackwell's ship. Piloting a Yellow Megafig (which resembles a LEGO version of the Powerloader from Aliens), he resets the ships coordinates and launches the ship for a return trip to Earth, before facing off against Rex Fury, who is piloting the same robotic T-Rex you stole for him, but has now been upgraded with a tough exoskeleton in Rex's Maroon colour motif. After defeating the T-Rex by throwing it into the rocket's energy tanks (destroying them and the T-Rex in the process), Blackwell betrays Rex and abandons him by disconnecting the command module from the main rocket, sending both him and Chase flying onto a rapidly deteriorating piece of the rocket. Chase then has his final showdown with Rex and his astronaut cronies, after which Blackwell destroys the arena that the fight is taking place on by flying his escape pod through it. With the Command Module in freefall towards Earth and its occupants (including Natalia) unable to reach the parachutes, Chase then skydives through the remains of Blackwell's rocket as it burns up in Earth's atmosphere in attempt to catch up with the module before it crashes into the city. All of this is backed up with epic orchestral music and ominous chanting, further made awesome by scenery that truly flexes the Wii U and PS4's graphical powers. Wow.

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