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Fridge Brilliance

  • During Awakened Shadow's post-game, you can access New World. The primeval theme seems arbitrary until you realise that New World is based on our planet, which started out in a primordial state.
  • Considering that most of Blizzard Cube's enemies are clones of the Demon King Robots, it'd make sense that you don't fight the. Instead, the boss can be considered a twist on Ultimate Szabo, with Destroy replacing Szabo.

Fridge Horror

  • Okay, so there's a factory in Baroy Town, which creates Servant Mecha Robos. When the Servant Mecha Robos get summoned to capture the party (or rather, force them to lower the barrier, because Yasato would die if they didn't), they keep coming if Jiro doesn't lower the barrier (the other type of Mecha Robo stops trying to capture the party). How can Nene have that many Servant Mecha Robos...?
  • During Awakened Shadow, you find an infant Destroy and can make it grow by feeding it seeds throughout the game. However, during the main story, Szabo kills a bunch of Destroy clones during your trip to the Blizzard Cube. Maybe it's for the best that Szabo doesn't find out about the Destroy hidden in Fushira's basement.

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