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  • From episode 1, watching Shu summon Blue Dragon for the very first time.
    • Just before that, Zola summoning Killer Bat. The pair make quick work of Gran Kingdom's forces.
    • Kluke helping Shu and the other kids fend off the soldiers of Gran Kingdom. With nothing more than a popgun, that fires boxing gloves.
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  • Episode 2, after Shu looses control of Blue Dragon. It goes on a rampage and decimates soldiers and buildings alike. So Jiro steps up, summoning his own Shadow, Minotaur for the first time.
  • Episode 3, Jiro's clever strategy to counter Dolsk and his shadow Ogre.
  • Episode 4, Marumaro and Saber-Tiger managing to hold their own against Shu and the gang. Even Zola and Killer Bat have a hard time trying to land a blow on them.
    • The twin shadow wilders, Ivanov and Gustav not only hold their own against the team and Marumaro. They actually have the advantage for most of the battle, despite the numbers being against them.
  • Episode 7, one has to give credit to the Jibral guards for at least attempting to fight Salinas and his shadow Jikonda. True they failed, but they did hold true to their sense of duty.
    Jibral Guard: (to Shu and Marumaro) You boy's need to stand back.
    Marumaro: I think you need to stand back! Only a shadow can defeat a shadow!
    Jibral Guard: I don't know if it's a shadow, or some kind of illusion. But it's our job to protect the town!
    • Shu, for seeing through Salinas's plan to trick Blue Dragon into blowing up the Jibral armory. Something that Blue Dragon himself failed to realize.
  • Episode 8, Shu and company meeting a true Knight Master, Conrad L. Lawrence.
    Shu: (in awe) Awesome! A Night Master just like I wanna be.
    • Salinas deserves a mention, for not only making his escape without his shadow powers. But by dislocating his arms, and slipping off his chains.
    • During Lt. Dragnov's invasion, the Jibral military counters with a unit of giant cyclops warriors. Who throw spears lined with explosives.
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    • Meanwhile, Gran Kingdom's forces counter by unleashing a legion of shadow-wielding robots called the "Black Shadow T-1's".
  • Episode 9, Bouquet's rather clever plan for stopping the vortex that's about to destroy their ship and kill Kluke. By turning into a giant fan that Blue Dragon can use to blow away the debilitating fog, which also dispels the vortex.
  • Episode 11, Shu and Blue Dragon facing off against Logi and Valkyrie. Shu even manages to learn a new technique, which enables Blue Dragon to actually hurt Valkyrie.
    Logi: What is this? What's happening here?!
    Shu: You've lost! Knockout technique: Fire Crisis!
    • Despite being at a major disadvantage, Bouquet at least managing to get away from Schneider and his shadow thanks to her invisibility.
    Bouquet: (vanishes before Schneider's eye's) Ha! You missed me!
    Schneider: What!?
    Bouquet: (smirks to herself) I guess I can rest easy now, I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner.
  • Episode 12, Jiro and Bouquet arriving in time to help Zola, Marumaro and Kluke after they'd been ambushed by Gran Kingdom forces.
    Minotaur: Surprise! (smashes several Gran Kingdom robots)
  • Episode 13, Jiro and Minotaur managing to destroy General Szabo. Especially after Jiro's recent flashbacks, explaining Szabo was responsible for destroying Jiro's family and home of hometown of Muffei.
    • For the minor characters, Knight Master Conrad leading the Jibral army. While they're all mounted on, Unicorns. Which is followed up by Conrad calling in an airstrike on the Gran Kingdom army. Using Roc Birds, who work alongside a contingent of battle elephants.
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  • Episode 14, during the a final stand against Nene and Chimera. Kluke summoning her own shadow, Phoenix for the first time. Phoenix appears when Kluke stands between Nene and Zola. When Kluke refuses to step aside, Phoenix is awakened and she shields both Kluke and Zola with her wings. Then after Chimera launches an attack at them and Kluke is knocked out cold. Phoenix, still manages to teleport everyone to safety before disappearing.
  • Episode 17, the fact that the Gigarex is such a fierce creature. That even Blue Dragon was hesitant to go up against one.
    • Despite it being an extremely tough battle, Shu and Blue Dragon managing to defeat the Gigarex.
  • Episode 21, after their inability to win against Gilliam in their first confrontation. Marumaro and Saber Tiger are able to do much better the second time around. Protecting Conrad and his men from Gilliam and his men, Todd and Bishop. With just a little help from Kluke and Phoenix.
    • Conrad, despite still being injured from his torture at the hands of Gran Kingdom, still manages to aid the heroes during the battle.
  • Episode 22, Bouquet's rather clever plan to not only use Cynthia as a means of escaping "death valley". Buy leaving a trail behind for Shu and the others to use in order to track her.
  • Episode 25, Bouquet and Hippopotamus rather clever tactic of transforming into a blanket that looks just like the ground. Which manages to fool Todd into leaving the area after he'd thought he'd killed them all.
    Shu: Hey Hippopotamus, Bouquet. Thanks a lot.
    Hippopotamus: Haha! Big problems need a big solution, right?
    Bouquet: (smiles) Pretty sneaky huh? Just leave it to us!
  • Episode 26, Marumaro and Saber Tiger managing to catch Bishop off-guard. Forcing his shadow to dissipate, thus sending him to his death.
    Saber Tiger: We'll always win! We fight in the name of justice!
    Marumaro: See if this is useless! Don't you guys no better than to mess with us by now?!

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