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Tear Jerker / Blue Dragon

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  • Jiro's backstory in the anime series, his family and all the people in his home village were killed by Nene's army.
  • Episode 12, Lt. Dragonov's death.
  • Episode 14, watching as Nene is rather brutal while attacking Zola and the boys. Especially since Shu and Jiro are still technically children. Not only that, he has no compunctions against harming Bouquet or Kluke either.
    • Nene's rather cruel words towards Zola, in regards to her father.
  • Episode 15, the fact that Shu actually starts pounding her own head while berating himself over Kluke getting hurt during the battle with Nene.
    Shu: It's my fault. I couldn't protect her! (pounds his head with his fists, then slaps his face in frustration)
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  • Episode 17, upon learning from Homeron that the Kingdom of Jibral has seemingly been destroyed. Watching the normally comical Legolas break down in a fit anger and denial is surprisingly sad.
  • Episode 18, Marumaro and Saber Tiger encounter a Shadow wielder who disserted Gran Kingdom. He and his (rather human-looking female shadow) fled when they could no longer stand using their abilities to kill their opponents.
  • Episode 19, when Homeron and his brothers gather to discuss gathering information about the Extra Seven. Homeron mentions that some of his brothers have gone "missing" as a result. It get's worse when you remember one of his brothers was Homeron Jr., a young child.
  • Episode 20, watching Conrad being held prisoner by Gran Kingdom. Also, despite the fact that he was obviously already tortured. Cynthia decides to rough him up a bit more, just for glaring at her.
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  • Episode 24, Delphinium using her shadow to kill Homeron. Worse, she manages to injure and evade Blue Dragon. Meaning the treacherous spy manages to slink away without suffering any consequences.
  • Episode 25, the episode begins with Nene's flying fortress invading... then slaughtering the people of Raqueeva.

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