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Video Games

  • Don't mess with Kluke.
    • When looking through Kluke's dresser drawer.
      Kluke: Don't go in there!
      Marumaro: What is this thin cloth?
      Kluke: Marumaro!
      Marumaro: OW!
    • When looking at Kluke's bed.
      Shu: It smells like Kluke.
      Kluke: I told you. Knock. It. Off.

Anime Series

  • Episode 3, how is Blue Dragon summoned after all of Shu's training and attempts fail? Kluke hits Shu over the head with a frying pan.
    • Blue Dragon even pauses before going on his rampage, just to throw a Death Glare at the terrified Kluke.
  • Episode 4, Marumaro's rather rude behavior towards Kluke.
    • How does Shu plan to trap Marumaro? By hoisting up a flag with his and Kluke's smiling faces drawn on it. Along with a big heart between the two.
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    • Jiro, "naturally" thinks the plan is stupid. Which leaves him stunned when the plan actually does work.
  • Episode 6, when Bouquet asks to repay Shu and his companions with a tour of her hometown. Considering her home is a rather modest town. The best she can do is show them each person's house, and the local park.
    • When the heroes ask her to show them a place that's "warm and clean" for them to stay the night. She escorts' them to... a large tube in the park that children use for playing.
    • Shu, Jiro and Marumaro completely terrifying Bouquet and her shadow, Hippopotamus when they prepare to fight the pair by summoning their own shadows. Thinking they are a dangerous monster out to defeat them in a battle.
    • In the end, after Bouquet loses her job, and asks Shu if she can come along with him and his friends on their journey. Instead of agreeing like they did with Kluke... The group runs away from her in terror. Rather put out by such a refusal, Bouquet chases them in a fit of rage.
  • Episode 7, the episode starts off with our heroes having finally arrived in Jibral. Only for them to quickly run into some guards. When Legolas tries to introduce himself as the "very important" chief inspector of the Jibral royal army. Do to some faulty information, the guards quickly take him in for questioning.
    Guard: (sifts through some papers) Theirs no paperwork that he's expected. And the reports I have indicate, that this man is supposed to be dead.
  • Episode 9, Bouquet returns and is as innocent and naïve as ever.
    Kluke: (as Bouquet is giving poor Shu a Bear Hug) It's clear he hates that. Tell her you hate that!
    Bouquet: Huh? What do you mean Kluke?
    Kluke: (shocked) What do I mean?! Do I have to explain the obvious?!
    Bouquet: Guess so.
    • The creature that had nearly killed Shu's group and the crew, turns out to have been a rather adorable seal-like creature. Blue Dragon "defeat's" it, buy simply smacking it into the distance.
    Blue Dragon: (deadpan) Bye-bye.
    • The episode ends with Shu, accidentally agreeing to marry Bouquet! Which results in Kluke getting mad. While Shu runs off, while Kluke is in pursuit.
  • Episode 10, near the beginning of the episode. As Shu is trying to think up a name for his Signature Move, or "call-out". Bouquet tries to trap him into marriage again, only Shu refuses to fall into it this time.
    Bouquet: How about if I think up something for you? Since I'm your fiancé, it would be a nice gesture.
    Shu: Nice try, but your not my fiancé.
    • After he turns down Marumaro's offer to think up a name. The little Devee retaliates by bitterly calling Shu the "Prince of Dorkness".
  • Episode 11, Cynthia loosing her temper after Minotaur call's her an "old lady" during their fight.
    Cynthia: HEY! Who are you calling an "old lady"?! You don't know what your talking about! (envisions herself surrounded by sparkles) I'm way cute. (starts screaming again) And I'm young!
    Minotaur: Yeah, sure. Face it old lady, your one day shy away from your "expiration date".
  • Episode 12, watching a hungry Marumaro chase after a vulture. Since he's starving from using his shadow powers so much, that even a gamy looking bird looks good enough to eat.
    • Becomes a something of a Brick Joke when he and Saber Tiger rescue Zola from some of Gran Kingdom's forces. As Marumaro is holding a cooked bird leg in hand.
  • Episode 16, while Bouquet reveals she has knowledge of the city of Logic. Marumaro takes a moment to make fun of her. Though Bouquet gets back at him with some snarking of her own.
    Marumaro: How do you know (about the city), you never know anything?
    Bouquet: Well Mister Pointy-Head, I know about this.
    • Legolas takes a pass on going to the library, since books only put him to sleep.
  • Episode 17, Legolas indignation when the informant Homeron charges twenty pieces of gold up front for his information.
    Legolas: Good grief, is everything here just about the money?
    • The introduction of the entire Homeron family. Which involves all of them jumping out nowhere the moment they learn Zola is willing to pay a ridiculous amount of money for an informant.
    Bouquet: What kind of ridiculousness is this? We're here to see Homeron the Great. Not you three!
    Three of the "Homeron's": But all of us are Homeron as well.
    Kluke: How is that possible?
    Homeron the II: Because I'm Homeron the II!
    Homeron the Legitimate: And I'm Homeron the Legitimate!
    Homeron Jr.: Yeah, and I'm Homeron Jr.!
    Homeron the Original: And of course, I'm the original Homeron!
    • While working to catch a rare giant fish in order to earn the money needed to pay for an informant. Jiro and Zola summon their shadow's to make the work easy. While Killer Bat doesn't appear to mind, Minotaur is a bit annoyed.
    Minotaur: (indignant) Are you saying, your using me as nothing but a glorified fishing pole?
    Zola: I wouldn't say "glorified".
    • Minotaur gets his revenge after collecting a fish, and dropping it into the surprised Jiro's arms. Causing the poor kid to fall out of the boat, while Minotaur just laughs at him.
  • Episode 18, while they normally get along rather well. It's funny watching Marumaro and Saber-Tiger bicker over Marumaro's cleaning habits, of all things. With Marumaro acting like a bratty child, while Saber-Tiger comes across as the put-out parent.
    Saber-Tiger: Marumaro, why don't you take a shower.
    Marumaro: Since when did you become my mother?
    Saber-Tiger: Since you began to stink, that's when!
    Marumaro: That isn't very nice!
    Saber-Tiger: It's not very nice for you to make me the shadow of a dirty, sweaty, smelly body either!
    Marumaro: Oh relax you neat-freak. A little dirt never hurt anybody.
    • Saber-Tiger, then proceeds to take matters into his own hands. Going so far as to physically force Marumaro to take a bath.
  • Episode 20, our heroes run into Cynthia again. And this time it's Shu who makes the of mistake of calling her an old lady.
    Cynthia: OLD LADY! I'm smackdab in the "flower of youth", you little punk!
  • Episode 21, how does Homeron "hack" into the Gran Kingdom's master computer? With a device that closely resembles, a video game controller.
  • Episode 22, while out for a morning swim. Cynthia makes a call to a nearby Gran Kingdom base. Why? Basically, to strongarm one of her own troops into telling her, she's pretty.
    • After that, some of the other troops at the base complain about Cynthia calling them to indulge in her vanity. Even pointing out that she's done this before, often.
  • Episode 24, after learning of the plans of Shu's croup to take down Lord Nene. The Captain of the Norg admits he never really liked the man, or his schemes for world domination. His second in command, full of Patriotic Fervor at first tries to defend their leader... for half a second. It's how casual both men sound about what should be a serious discussion, that makes it funny.
    Norg Captain: Oh come on, you don't like him either.
    Norg Officer: (weakly) Well, no.
  • Episode 25, in an attempt to confuse Cynthia and Schneider. Bouquet and Hippopotamus transform into duplicates of Shu and Blue Dragon. The plan appears to work perfectly, at first. Until Bouquet urges Hippo to try and copy Blue Dragon's Signature Attack.
    Bouquet: (shouting) I wanna do Fire Crisis! (Hippo attempts the technique, only to cough out a few puffs of smoke)

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