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Fridge / Big Trouble in Little China

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  • Jack Burton is a Supporting Protagonist who believes he's The Hero. Confirmed by Word of God in Carpenter and Russell's DVD Commentary.
  • Lo Pan said that there has been other girls who had green eyes. If you look at the eyed guardian, it has green eyes.
  • The wedding to make Lo Pan mortal again may have not just been for him, but also for his Storms. In their first scene they absorb bullets from 3 gunmen without reacting, and throughout the whole movie they are basically invulnerable. As soon as Lo Pan succeeds in marrying Miao Yin, the Storms start dying one after the other. Rain gets impaled (looking quite surprised about it) and blown up, Thunder detonates himself up out of rage, and Lightning just gets a statue dropped on his head.
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  • Jack's comment "It's all in the reflexes" seems to be very true. Any time he does something deliberately, things tend to go wrong, such as punching one of the Storms, or throwing the knife at Lo Pan. But when it comes down to his reflexes, such as his Catch and Return against Lo Pan, he never seems to fail.

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