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Nightmare Fuel / Big Trouble in Little China

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As this is from the mind who brought you The Thing (1982), Prince of Darkness and They Live; this Lighter and Softer film is bound to have some elements of horror, especially when black hellish magic is involved.
  • The Wing Kong, who are Knife Nuts complete with various weapons and paycheck under an Evil Sorcerer, but their kidnapping of Miao Yin is very similar to how underground sex traffickers take their victims, which is arguably scarier than their basic concept as Mooks. They also involve themselves in gang wars in the middle of the streets in daylight, ah swell.
    • Speaking of their boss, Lo Pan is an immortal pale wizard that can shoot light from his eyes and mouth who can change from an old man to an Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette by lighting up his bones.
  • Hell Of The Upside-Down Sinnners, one of the various implied torture chambers, filled with decaying corpses of captured victims drowned to death while being upside down.
  • The creatures under Lo Pan's control including a red eye locked jaw ape creature, a four armed big eyed eel snake creature and the Uncanny Valley faced beholder thing done in Stop Motion covered in eyes, even the mouth and nose.
    • Said ape creature even returns at the end of the movie for one last Jump Scare, with it serving as the very last shot of the film.
      • The comic subverts it as the ape creature is now Jack's pet of sorts and is given a name:Pete.
  • Thunder swelling up like a balloon then exploding.
  • The centipede-like thing that attacks the heroes in the bowels of the earth. Egg drives it off with a grenade, but not before one of the poor Chang-Sing Red Shirts is Eaten Alive. Jack's freak out says it all, really.
    Egg: It will come out no more!
    Jack: What!? Huh?! What'll come out no more!?

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