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The Creeps (alternate title: Deformed Monsters) is a Horror Comedy movie by Charles Band.

One night, librarian Anna Quarrel (Rhonda Griffin) is approached by one Dr. Jamison (Bill Moynihan), who asks for the original manuscript of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein for study purposes. She complies and gives it to him, only to be reminded by her co-worker Miss Christina (Kristin Norton) that the original manuscripts are meant to remain in their cases at all times to ensure preservation for the longest amount of time. While Christina still lets Anna give him the book, Anna later discovers that Dr. Jamison swapped out the original manuscript for a fake, and that Dr. Jamison is actually an alias that he used.

Anna, not wanting to go to the police and risk her future at the library, hires a Private Investigator named David Raleigh (Justin Lauer), who works out of the back of a video store. He manages to identify the thief, Dr. Winston Berber. However, the slowness of his investigation irks Anna into considering hiring another P.I., but is soon kidnapped by Dr. Berber, who reveals he took the manuscripts of some of the most famous monsters known to mankind. His plan is to put the books into his "Archetype Inducer" to bring the monsters to life as his own personal army, and she's going to help as a human sacrifice. He starts up the machine, but David finds and rescues Anna before she can be sacrificed.

However, Dr. Berber's results still yield results. The four monsters: Frankenstein's Monster (Thomas Wellington), The Mummy (Joe Smith), Count Dracula (Phil Fondacaro) and the Wolf Man (Jon Simanton) have manifested in his world as real, physical creatures. However, since the process was incomplete, they're now all about 3 feet tall. None of them are happy about this, and Dr. Berber can't very well use such small monsters as an effective army, so they all set out to recapture Anna to complete the process and raise them all to normal size.

The film was released on December 16th, 1997.

The Creeps contains examples of:

  • Beard of Evil: Dracula has one.
  • Dracula: One of the monsters.
  • Eldritch Location: Before being pulled into the "real" world, the Archetypes seem to exist in a realm of legends. When one human character is sent there, she becomes a sort of mythic warrior woman.
  • Frankenstein's Monster: One of the four monsters Dr. Berber brings to life is Frankenstein's monster.
  • Fun Size: Since Anna couldn't be sacrificed as part of the process to bring the monsters to life, they end up being three feet tall when they step out of the Archetype Inducer. They need Anna to finish the procedure and reach full height.
  • Mad Scientist: Dr. Berber, who stole manuscripts of classic horror literature to bring to life monsters to do his bidding.
  • Monster Mash: Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, a werewolf, and a mummy are the monsters in this movie.
  • Mummy: One of the monsters Dr. Berber brings to life is a mummy.
  • Private Investigator: David is one who also works at a video store.
  • Static Stun Gun: Dr. Berber has a collapsible taser that he uses to knock out Anna so he can steal the Dracula manuscript, and her.
  • Targeted Human Sacrifice: Dr. Berber states that Anna must be sacrificed to complete the process of animating the monsters, as it will bring them up to normal height.