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"This is it. The moment of truth. Isn't it wonderful?"

Kinds of Kindness is a 2024 absurdist anthology crime thriller film directed and co-written by Yorgos Lanthimos, in his third collaboration with Emma Stone. Along with Stone, the film stars Jesse Plemons, Willem Dafoe, Margaret Qualley, Hong Chau, Joe Alwyn, Mamoudou Athie, and Hunter Schafer.

Set in the contemporary United States, Kinds of Kindness is an anthology made up of three separate segments:

  • "The Death of R.M.F.": Robert (Plemons), a man living completely under the subservience of his powerful boss Raymond (Dafoe), tries to take back control of his life after being asked to do an unforgivable task.
  • "R.M.F. is Flying": A policeman named Daniel (Plemons) learns that his wife Liz (Stone), who was presumed missing at sea, has returned. However, he begins to suspect that she is an impostor, which threatens to break their marriage apart.
  • "R.M.F. Eats a Sandwich": Two cult members, Emily (Stone) and Andrew (Plemons), go on a journey to find a young woman (Schafer) with supernatural powers who is destined to become a prodigious spiritual leader.

The film will release on June 21, 2024.

Kinds of Kindness contains examples of:

  • Advertised Extra: According to Hunter Schafer herself, she's only in the film for a cameo appearance during one scene, and was very flattered to be billed along with the main stars.
  • Bitch Slap: Margaret Qualley's character is shown slapping Jesse Plemons' character in the teaser, during what seems to be some sort of argument.
  • Cool Car: A purple Dodge Challenger driven by Emma Stone's character is given quite a bit of emphasis in the teaser, with there being no less than three scenes showing it off.
  • Deliberately Monochrome: Some of the scenes shown are black-and-white, unlike the rest which is in color.
  • Deranged Dance: A scene in the teaser features Emma Stone's character dancing alone in a parking lot, right next to the limp body of someone in a wheelchair.
  • Moody Trailer Cover Song: Inverted; the teaser is set to an upbeat, bouncy remix of Eurythmics' "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)", already a fairly upbeat and bouncy pop song.
  • Threesome Subtext: Foursome, in this case. In an official promo clip, Daniel and Liz invite Daniel's colleague Neil and his girlfriend Martha over for dinner at their house. After dinner, Liz asks if they should make their way upstairs to the bedroom, and when Daniel shuts that down, questions if they should fuck on the table instead. Neil and Martha are obviously uncomfortable with the idea and awkwardly attempt to excuse themselves and leave, though whether Liz is actually enthused about a possible foursome or is just trying to mess with her husband and his friends is never clarified.