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Lincoln Gets Limber is a The Loud House fanfic written by Just4FunFiction that takes place in the aftermath of "The Loudest Yard".

Lynn Sr. and Rita acknowledge that they were wrong to force Lincoln to join a football team, but they still want Lincoln to keep himself active. As a result, they say he still has to join a sport but he can choose which one he wants to do, but the ones offered at school don't work for him. On the suggestion of Girl Jordan, he tries out gymnastics at the local sports center and it ends up becoming something he would never have imagined enjoying. But he hides it from his family out of fear of how they would react to him taking up a traditionally girly sport.



  • Accidental Kiss: In Chapter 47, both Lincoln and Girl Jordan accidentally kissed each other during a yoga practice as it caused a lot of awkwardness between them.
  • The Ace: Deconstructed. When Lincoln brings up Lynn's reputation as "the girl who does every sport imaginable", Lynn points out that that isn't really true. She tried doing netball, golf, volleyball, and tennis but she found that she didn't like doing those sports. Besides, her schedule only allows her to be part of seven sports teams (basketball, soccer, roller derby, softball, lacrosse, football, and ice hockey) and she can only fit them into her schedule because all of them are during different seasons and take place during different times of the week.
  • Adaptational Nice Girl:Kat, Mollie, Joy, and Sadie are much more cordial to Lincoln as more of their interaction comes off as more of a friendly teasing than real bullying.
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  • Adaptation Relationship Overhaul: In this adaptation, Lincoln and Jordan end up having more interaction and end up becoming a couple at the end of the series while in the original series, they have no interaction like that whatsoever.
  • Adult Fear: Rita had friends in college who were stereotypical gamers. Who procrastinated instead of doing work and ended up unhealthy because they gamed rather than exercised. Rita forcing Lincoln to find some form of exercise comes from her not wanting him to end up like her old friends.
  • All Just a Dream: In this universe, the second half and more controversial events of "No Such Luck" was a horrible nightmare Lincoln had.
  • Ascended Extra: Jordan's friends becomes more of the supporting characters in this story compared to the main series. The same goes for Lincoln's bullies too though.
  • Both Sides Have a Point: Acknowledged in the first chapter. Rita and Lynn Sr. were right to want their son to work out more and not spend all of his free time just playing video games or reading comics, but Lincoln had every right to be annoyed at being forced to do a sport he really didn't want to do. This leads to their compromise; Lincoln still has to join a sport but he can choose which sport he wants to do.
  • Fix Fic: A lesser extent in Chapter 59 towards "No Such Luck"; most of the episode did happen, but the controversial parts of the episode (them locking Lincoln out of the house, not believing him when he told the truth that he wasn't bad luck, and forcing him to wear the squirrel suit when they thought it canceled out his "bad luck") was a really bad and traumatizing nightmare Lincoln had. After he woke up and confessed about lying that he was bad luck, his parents and sisters reveal that they had already figured it out and reassure him they would have never done what their dream counterparts did to him.
  • "Gender-Normative Parent" Plot:
    • Lincoln hides the fact that he's taking gymnastics from his family and friends not involved in gymnastics by claiming he signed up for a dodgeball team. His parents and friends do eventually find out though, are accepting of it, and promise to not tell anybody else until Lincoln is comfortable with it.
    • Artie, the only other boy in Lincoln's gymnastics class, tells him that he went through a similar situation with his own father. When Artie's father found out about a month after he started gymnastics, he wasn't too pleased with it at first but came around to accept it.
    • This is lampshaded by Chris, the gymnastics coach, who isn’t surprised that Lincoln lied about what sport he was really taking to his parents because Lincoln’s not the first guy he’s known to have done so out of fear his family and friends would mock him for it.
  • Injured Limb Episode: Lynn spends the first 25 chapters with her leg in a cast or a protective boot recovering from the broken leg she got in "The Loudest Yard".
  • Insistent Terminology: Both Lincoln and Girl Jordan spell it out to their friends that they are not dating but it's obvious that they love each other as the chapters progresses.
  • Nasal Trauma: Lincoln's attempt at trying racquetball ends with him getting a bloody nose.
  • Nightmare Sequence: In Chapter 59, the controversial parts of "No Such Luck" are explained away as a terrifying nightmare that Lincoln had.
  • Open-Minded Parent: While Lynn Sr. and Rita are a bit upset that Lincoln lied about doing dodgeball instead of gymnastics when they find out the truth, they allow him to continue gymnastics because they can tell that he really enjoys it and are glad that he found some form of physical exercise that he voluntarily wants to do. They also promise not to tell his sisters until he's ready to tell them.
  • Secret-Keeper: Lynn is the first sister to find out that Lincoln's doing gymnastics because Lincoln feels that she should know the truth since she's been helping him with training outside of the classes and her knowing would help with out-of-class training even more. While she's a bit stunned at first, she accepts it as something Lincoln really enjoys doing and does research into the sport to support him in any way she can.
  • She's Not My Girlfriend: Lincoln and Jordan are insistent that they aren't a couple and are friends together until they end up falling in love with each other for real.
  • Shipper on Deck: Jordan's friends keeps teasing at the concept of Lincoln and Jordan's growing relationship for each other and surely enough, they do end up together.
  • Two Girls to a Team: Inverted; Lincoln and Artie are the only boys besides Chris, the gymnastics coach, taking gymnastics.