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Title by MrTyeDye; Cover art by Heterow.

Lil' Roomie is a fanfic based on The Loud House by That Engineer. It is available to read here from FanFiction.Net.

Based on the episode Room With a Feud, Lincoln adjusts to having a new roommate with his youngest sister Lily, and he finds that it's more satisfying than having a room to himself and finds an opportunity to bond.

This is a softer and heartwarming story the author's been waiting to tackle as opposed to some of his darker fanfics for The Loud House, specifically Syngenesophobia and What is a Person Worth?.


Lil' Roomie contains examples of:

  • The Atoner: In chapter 8, Lincoln confesses he put up with having Lily as his roommate because he felt guilty of the times he lost her or used her for his own benefits.
  • Big Ball of Violence: The siblings get into one in chapter 8
  • Big Brother Instinct: Played straight with Lincoln, but also inverted with Lily. When Luan starts making fun of Lincoln, Lily gets angry at her big sister and throws her pee-stained diaper at her.
  • Big Sister Bully: Chapter 7 reveals Lynn acted like this towards Lincoln when they shared a room when they were younger before she warmed up to him.
  • Cerebus Retcon: Lisa going on about all the ways they could die in the car wasn't her being a showoff know-it-all; it was her trying to stave off a panic attack over the matter.
    • Turns out that, in this universe at least, Lana's story about Seymour actually happened; it's how Lola gets Lana's other pets to stay out of her things.
  • Good Luck Charm: Another sister Fight Protocol almost breaks out after Leni washes Lynn Jr.'s lucky jersey. However Rita is quick to avert the idea by telling her jock daughter that it wasn't because of luck that she was untouchable on the field, she was untouchable because nobody wanted to go near the girl who smelled like she'd been rolling around in old garbage.
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  • Internal Reveal: In chapter 8, Lincoln confesses how he almost lost Lily once during the events of Two Boys And A Baby, and the incident in the mall from Mall of Duty.
  • Lighter and Softer: Compared to the writer's other stories, which mostly focus on drama, Lil' Roomie is a heartwarming story mostly focusing on Lincoln's and Lily's bond.
  • Literal-Minded: Lana in chapter 8; when Lori orders her siblings to address the "elephant in the room", she thinks there's literally an elephant in the house and is disappointed to find out there's not.
  • Mood Whiplash: Chapter 4 starts off as a cute bonding session between Lincoln and Lily after he picks her up from preschool but ends with both of them being scared stiff after nearly being hit by a car.
  • Reality Ensues: Lily actually isn't that bad a roommate since babies aren't much trouble as long as their needs, including attention, are being met. Conversely several of the other swaps run into issues like Lana's animals getting into Luna's equipment, Lucy growing progressively more annoyed with Luan's jokes (especially her sleep punning) and Leni upsetting Lynn by washing her lucky clothes.
    • Related to the above, all the canon roommates turn out to have some way of dealing with the above annoyances like Lana's animals being terrified of Lola's temper so they don't get into her things and Luna being unaffected by Luan's sleep puns because she listens to music all night. On the flip side, Lisa has actually gotten hurt making sure Lily didn't come to harm when the baby got interested in what Lisa was doing or wanted to play when Lisa was in the middle of an experiment (this is incidentally why Lisa's brain glows; Lily wanted to play at exactly the wrong moment and Lisa shielded her) so while Lincoln's old room is smaller than she's used to, she enjoys the solitude because it allows her experimental freedom.
    • One of the results of Lincoln getting his own room when Lily was born was him feeling lonely since he had never had his own room before and for a while, he slept with former roomie Lynn in her room at the time.
    • Lynn's lucky clothes were so filthy no one could come near her from the stench when she wore them and when Leni washes them, Rita isn't remotely sympathetic and forces her athletic daughter to wash all of her sportswear regularly so as not to be a health hazard; her other siblings are in agreement with Mom on the matter.
    • Lincoln was given his own room. A hastily repurposed linen closet because he was going to start going through puberty soon and his parents didn't want any of the awkwardness that comes with a growing boy sharing a room with girls.
    • Lincoln isn't the only sibling to have a "I lost X" story; most of his older sisters have one as well, with Luan's having a Reality Ensues within a Reality Ensues with Lucy's lifelong tendency to be so quiet making Luan lose track of her; Lucy doesn't remember the incident due to having been a toddler, which means she wasn't making clear memories at the time. Of course, they all make a pact to never tell their parents because said parents would probably ground them for life.
  • The Reveal: Chapter 7 reveals that the roommates for each of the Loud siblings as seen in the show are actually fairly recent. They went through several shuffles over the years. It wasn't even until Lily was born that Lincoln got the linen closet as his own room because his parents knew he would go through puberty soon.
  • She Is Not My Girlfriend: Lincoln and Ronnie Anne react this way when Lily calls her his girlfriend.
  • Shout-Out: Chapter 2 makes a reference to the Wii and Mario Kart.

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