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Volume 1: First published on April 24th of 2011 and completed on April 24th of 2017.

Volume 2: First published on April 24th of 2017 (still going)

A collection of future-set one-shots loosely based on other Pokémon-fanfictions by nyislandersgirl, focusing on Ash Ketchum and his wife, Misty, and their three children: their only son, Aiden Nash Ketchum (sometimes called "Denny"), and their two daughters, Michelle Aimi Ketchum (sometimes called "Shelly") and Elizabeth Dilynne Ketchum (sometimes called "Lizzie"), with Aiden and Michelle being fraternal twins. The one-shots also feature many appearances by friends and family members (from both Ash's side of the family and Misty's side of the family), many of whom are married with kids of their own.


Though there are two separate volumes, they both contain the same types of stories—according to the author, she broke the stories into two separate volumes because it was getting too hard to keep them all in one place.

Family Matters contains examples of:

  • Alphabetical Theme Naming: Quite a few examples of this (see Babies Ever After below for more information) —
    • Ash and Aiden both have first names that start with "A" while Misty and Michelle's first names both start with "M."
    • Daisy and Dakota's first names start with "D"; Violet and Vanessa's first names both start with "V"; Lily and Lola's first names both start with "L."
    • Drew and Damien's first names both start with "D," just like with Daisy and Dakota.
    • Kenny and Kady's first names both start with "K."
    • Clemont and Clara's first names both start with "Cl."
    • All three of Kiawe and Mallow's kids have first names that start with "K," just like their dad.
  • Author Avatar: The author of the fanfic has admitted in some of her one-shots that she was basically just like Michelle as a kid (except while Michelle's a tomboy like Misty, the fanfic-author was apparently very girly and feminine as a kid).
  • Babies Ever After: It's not just Ash and Misty who get married and have kids—many of their friends get married and have kids.
    • Brock marries Suzy and they have a daughter named Lucia—Suzy also has a daughter from a previous marriage named Bella, who thinks of Brock as a second father.
    • Forrest, Brock's brother, marries a woman named Olivia (an OC created by the author) and they have a son named Brandon, who's best friends with Aiden and Michelle. Also, the rest of Brock and Forrest's siblings get married and have kids of their own.
    • Gary marries a woman named Kayla (an OC created by the author) and they have a son named Samson (or "Sam" for short), who has a crush on Michelle and is Aiden's archrival.
    • Each of Misty's three sisters gets married and has a daughter of their own—Daisy marries Tracey and they have a daughter named Dakota; Violet marries a man named William (an OC created by the author) and they have a daughter named Vanessa; and Lily marries Dorian and they have a daughter named Lola.
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    • May and Drew get married and have a son named Damien and a daughter named Rosalie (or "Rosie" for short).
    • Dawn and Kenny get married and have a daughter named Kady.
    • Iris and Cilan get married and have two sons named Basil and Kokum and a daughter named Sage—Iris and Cilan's kids are also triplets, just like Cilan and his two brothers.
    • Virgil and Bianca get married and end up having a rather large family—they don't necessarily have a limit on how many kids they want, and they end up having at least nine children, consisting of six sons named Vincent ("Vince"), Joshua ("Josh"), Finn, Upton, Lucas and Gavin and three daughters, the oldest two being named Eva (the oldest of Virgil and Bianca's children) and Estelle (who's a year older than Upton).
    • Clemont and Serena eventually get married and have a daughter named Clara and a son named Alex.
    • Grant and Viola get married and have two daughters named Autumn and Harlow and a son named Cameron.
    • Kiawe and Mallow get married and have two sons named Koa and Kahula and a daughter named Kalili.
  • Big Eater: Just like his dad, Aiden is definitely this—pretty much the only thing that he won't eat is carrots, which is something that he inherited from Misty (she doesn't like carrots or peppers in her food).
  • Generation Xerox: Many examples of this:
    • Aiden looks identical to Ash while Michelle looks identical to Misty. Elizabeth looks like a combination of her parents—she has the same coloring as her mom and sister and looks enough them like where you can tell that Misty is her mother and that Michelle is her sister, but facial-wise, Elizabeth is said to take more after Ash.
    • Dakota, Vanessa and Lola are said to look identical to Daisy, Violet and Lily, respectively.
    • Gary's son, Sam, looks identical to him.
    • Brandon's said to take more after his dad's side of the family, so he probably looks a lot like his dad and uncle.
    • Damien looks identical to Drew (except he has May's eye color) while Rosie looks identical to May (but she has Drew's eye color).
    • Kady apparently looks identical to Dawn, seemingly not inheriting anything from Kenny.
  • Homeschooled Kids: Aiden and Michelle were homeschooled up until they left home to become Pokémon trainers—they were originally taught by Ash's mom, Delia Ketchum (who they and Elizabeth call "Grammy" to differentiate from Misty's mom, Lynne, who they call "Grandma"), but when Elizabeth was about a month old, Ash and Misty hired a private teacher named Ismene to homeschool the twins. Some of Aiden and Michelle's friends were homeschooled as well, such as Brandon (the nephew of Brock) and Sage (the daughter of Cilan and Iris). Virgil and Bianca also homeschool all their kids, and like Ash and Misty, they chose to hire a private teacher for it.
    • Elizabeth ended up going to a regular school instead of being homeschooled like her older siblings—specifically, she went to a special private school that's made especially for children under the age of ten who plan on becoming trainers once they turn ten. The trainers' academy is apparently just like any other school except it teaches kids about all different types of Pokémon and how to care for them in addition to regular school subjects.
  • Picky Eater: Michelle was this as a little kid—she grows out of it as she gets older, but as described in various stories, she prefers her foods to be a bit more bland (she apparently doesn't like it when her food has too much seasoning).
  • Supreme Chef: Ash's mom, Delia, and Brock were always this and still are in these one-shots—Misty ends up becoming this as well, albeit to kind of a lesser extent. Since Ash is a terrible cook and is typically kept away from any kind of cooking implements, Misty's the one who does almost all the cooking for them and their kids—though other people sometimes cook for them (usually Delia or Brock).
  • Surprise Pregnancy: Well, it's a "surprise" in that they weren't expecting to have a kid so soon after they got married—Ash and Misty had only been married for about four months when Misty discovered she was pregnant with Aiden and Michelle while May and Drew had only been married for about a month by the time she found out that she was pregnant with Damien. Ash and Misty were especially shocked to discover that they were going to have twins instead of just one kid.
  • Teen Pregnancy: Brandon's parents, Forrest and Olivia, were only 18 when he was born—just barely averted with Ash and Misty (who were 21 when Aiden and Michelle were born) and May and Drew (who were around 20 when their son, Damien, was born). Many of the characters got married and started having kids at fairly young ages.

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