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Fan Fic / Danganronpa: Resort of Mutual Killing

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Danganronpa: Resort of Mutual Killing is a Danganronpa fanfic which, as of now, may or may not be set in the same timeline as the canon games. The story is hosted on the Creator's Haven forums and is written by BlueShadow. Most of the cast was submitted by readers.

Masakazu Komuro, the SHSL Chess Player, wakes up in a mysterious hotel with 15 other students. As can be expected of a Danganronpa story, it's quickly revealed the students will be forced to play a Killing Game, with the only way to leave the hotel being to kill, and get away with it.


What follows is a fanfic brimming with Original Flavour, featuring pseudo-interactive trial segments, appreciably lengthy trials (at least, in fan-fic terms), Talent Rooms ala DRV3, and even Free Time Events. And series mascot Monokuma.

The Danganronpa Fanfic features the following tropes:

  • Absence of Evidence: In the first trial, the class realizes that the only place the missing murder weapon could be is the one place they couldn't check. Ryoma, the victim's room, which was locked. It would be impossible to lock the knife inside without keeping the key, the victim's Mono-pad, outside (or else you'd lock yourself in). And since the Mono-pad hasn't shown up either, it must mean the culprit still has it on their person.
  • Amateur Sleuth: Pretty much the entire cast bar Yubiseiharukana (Detective), and Kimiko (Investigative Journalist) have no experience with mystery solving. Special mention goes to Masakazu, who seems to impress Yubi by the end of the first trial.
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  • Anyone Can Die / Body of the Week: As expected of Danganronpa, the game revolves around murder trials.
  • Exact Words: As to be expected from Monokuma. The Monokuma File for the first trial states that the victim died instantly from a single knife-wound to the neck. However a big discovery while investigating is that there were actually two wounds to the neck, a larger one disguising a smaller one (which reveals the shape of the real murder weapon). However, the trial makes it clear that Ryoma was dead by the time the larger knife hit him, making the File's statement not entirely untrue...
  • Meaningful Name: All over the place. Hana's last name is spelled with the kanji for "older sister, younger, path", creating a contradictory set that refers to her arguing any side of an argument. Risa Torikoro, the SHSL Magician, has a last name that sounds like "trick".
  • Mythology Gag: Monokuma gets all sentimental as he hands out the first Monokuma File, mentioning that he used to have to hand out a separate unit to serve as the file, where as no the files are wirelessly added to everyone's Mono-pads.
    • Chapter 1: A character who seemed like they'd be important is found unexpectedly stabbed.
  • Red Herring: As typical of Danganronpa, most cases will have one:
    • Chapter 1: Kai Kalani was suspected for a large portion of the trial, due to some of the evidence pointing towards him. He's saved largely in part due to the Absence of Evidence above.
  • Jerkass: Yubi and Jack show the most clear signs of this, generally being the first to start swearing.
  • Verbal Tic: Hana Anekouji takes this to extremes, dropping cat puns and "nya"s at least once a sentence.

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