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Drinking Game / Whateley Universe

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WARNING: If you choose to play this game with any Whateley Fan Fic - especially anything in the Micro Scenes thread on the WA site - we take no responsibility for the outcome. However, we do recommend purchasing no-fault life insurance and making out your will before trying.

Take a drink whenever:

  • A new Gender Bender is added to the cast, or an existing character is gender bent.
    • If the character is a Sex Shifter, take a shot after each change after the first one. Otherwise, you'd be risking alcohol poisoning.
  • Carmilla adds yet another lover to her harem (yes, Carl counts, too).
    • Flip a coin when Carmilla meets Merry. If it's heads, take an additional shot as well as the drink. If it's tails, take four.
  • A Designated Hero pulls something completely unheroic (i.e., Carmilla's screwing over Jobe).
    • Take two if you think the target of said action actually had it coming.
  • Jobe gets censured by the UN.
  • Someone gets attacked by squirrels (regardless of whether they are real squirrels or hobgoblins).

Take a shot whenever:

  • Phase says 'of course'.
  • Tennyo gets New Powers as the Plot Demands.
  • Chaka uses her ki to substitute for a more common superpower.
    • Take two shots if you can't figure out a rationale for her being able to do so. This should get you loaded in no time.
  • The phrase 'Pattern Theory' appears.
  • Someone mentions how boring Professor Quintain's lectures are.
  • A spirit takes control of their host in order to talk to someone (or, in the case of Tennyo, beat the pulp out of someone).
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  • Someone calls or thinks of Nephandus as 'Pretty Evil Boy'.
  • Loophole, Phase or She-Beast start Rules Lawyering.
  • A trope is invoked by name.

Take a sip whenever:

  • Someone finds a new Mundane Utility for their powers.
    • Well, you can skip Generator, unless you want to get really hammered.
  • Someone mentions the Pronoun Trouble involving either Generator or any of the Sex Shifter characters (e.g., Heyoka, Reach, Chimera, Jimmy T.).
  • One of the authors misspells 'Englund' as 'England'.
  • A student is summoned, sent, or dragged to Headmistress Carson's office.
    • Take two if it's Solange.
  • The phrase 'Class X Entity' or something equivalent appears.
  • Jobe says or does something that makes you want to reach through the computer screen and wring his/her neck.
    • Take two sips whenever Belphegor causes the same reaction.
  • A student has problems because of Power Incontinence or from a lack of Required Secondary Powers.
  • Alya describes himself as a 'disgusting intersexed mutant freak' or words to those effect.

Meta Option: Take a drink whenever the series gets added to a new trope page.


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