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Fridge Logic

  • Jericho's alternate senses that compensate for his blindness are supposedly a secret that very few are aware of. Except he regularly translates on behalf of Razorback. Who only speaks in sign.
    • He has a jack that implants images directly into his brain, which he connects to a video camera. Among other things
  • The school segregates the LGBT students to a separate dormitory, then asks them to stay in the closet, despite the fact that their being in the LGBT dormitory would give them away.
    • Except that the LGBT dorm is one big closet, and is protected by magical and psychic wards, preventing people from figuring things out. It's not like they're handing out pamphlets bragging about it. There's also a very good reason for the segregation — In the backstory, a transgender girl's illusion failed after she saved the school, only to have her bigoted/squicked boyfriend murder her in front of a crowd... which did nothing but watch.
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    • It's worse than that. They have a Day of Remembrance for all the transgender mutants who died because of their being transgender, and Phase notes that there's dozens of them. There's also a number of gay bashers who'd love to go after all the Poesies if they were outed. Phase also says that if the secret got out, it'd probably result in a huge battle that would end with a lot of dead people and destroyed buildings.
      • Keep in mind, the Day of Remembrance is a REAL day every year in November for remembering transgender people who died in the last year.
    • Poe also has a cover story as the not-so-secret "secret" Dorm for students with severe psychological problems, so most people who suspect something just dismiss it as part of the crazy. And there are just enough known and out LGBTI kids (mostly GSD cases) among the other students to allay suspicion
  • Whateley Academy is supposedly a secret school, kept that way to protect the students. This is so important that students are punished for any actions that might expose the location of the school (such as engaging in superhero-type activity anywhere in the tri-state area.) This has been very effective... it's location is completely unknown, except to the staff. And the students. And the students' families. And the thousands of former students, including all the ones who went into villainy. And every branch of law enforcement, right down to the beat cops in nearby cities. And the super-crime syndicate. And the MCO. And the shopkeeps and housewives in the small town down the road. And the intelligence agencies of every nation in the UN, who routinely send agents there to hide in the bushes and either spy on the students or throw recruiting leaflets at them as they walk by...
    • The ban on superhero antics is more to protect the students on leave themselves both from getting in over their inexperienced heads and from running into trouble with the law, in whose eyes they usually are after all only teenagers with legitimately dangerous superhuman powers and no official sanction. But it's true that Whateley's secret is kept poorly enough that the existence of an entire established superhero team that's never heard of the school (in the 'Silver Lining' stories) comes a bit out of left field.


Fridge Horror

  • In Sara's opening story, she meets with an orphan boy named Gary who gets shot. She has a very touching conversation with him as he's dying about the afterlife and how she hopes to meet him there, then she kisses him and he dissolves into dust as did the targets of her attacks. Very touching, right? Except that later stories showed that her powers consumed the soul of their target, preventing them from ascending to the afterlife.
    • Fridge Brilliance: Sara is a Goddess. Her consumption of Gary's soul - accidental or not - means that he went to her afterlife - and she does meet him again later. She also plans to reincarnate him as her son, when she decides the time is right. She wants to be a good mommy, after all, and her dance card's a little too full to give him enough attention right now.
    • In 'Tennyo Goes To Hell', we learn that Gary ended up in the same, well, hell as Sara's other victims, albeit with considerable protection against the local threats. It's still not a place for most sane humans, and the real Fridge Horror sets in once one considers what his previous life on Earth must have been like for him to be coping as well as he does...
  • Read 'Triple Threat' and 'The Kodiak In Winter'. Now imagine that Freya is still around when Team Kimba arrive. Given what she allowed Songbird to do to Loophole, what would have happened to Fey or Chaka? If she'd turned Lancer or Tennyo or Phase into enforcers, how twisted would they have ended up?
  • Kate's jealousy over Jadis and Ayla talking in ''Afternoon Tea With The Devil's Daughter" wasn't just typical 'my friend is spending time with someone else' jealousy- it's quite likely that Jadis is the only friend that Kate's ever had.


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