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Tear Jerker / Whateley Universe

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  • In Ayla and the Mad Scientist, Phase discovers that Fey's spells have been drawing Essence from nearby ecosystems, killing many of them. Fey is horrified and realises that she may have caused horrific amounts of environmental damage.
  • Nacht meets her mother, who orders her around like a servant, demanding loyalty despite doing nothing to earn it. She mocks Kate for asking about her unknown father, and forces her to secure a magical object to learn more about him. At the end of their conversation, Nacht hugs her mother, and her mother asks why. Kate just says 'Just finding out what it was like.' It's safe to say that the Bell Witch is a huge bitch.
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  • The Book Of Sappho and Murphy's Laws Of Whateley hit pretty hard by killing off two minor characters who were both pretty likeable: in the former's case, it's Heyoka, who was murdered in an attempt to frame Kayda, and in the latter's case, it's Phobos, who suffered from a fatal burnout caused by a supervillain.

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