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Drinking Game / Thomas Abridged

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Follow in the footsteps of Sodor's inhabitants by getting shit-faced drunk while reading about them.

  • Take a shot if there's an Accidental Innuendo.
    • Take two if the narrator doesn't comment on it.
  • Take a shot if an engine gets drunk.
    • Take two if it's Donald and Douglas.
    • Take two if it causes an accident.
  • Take a shot if Hatt loses it.
  • Take a shot if either Percy or Edward are sarcastic, or generally acting like a Deadpan Snarker.
  • Take a shot if Thomas says "balls".
    • Take two if the specific phrase is "BALLS ALIVE!"
  • Take a shot if an engine deliberately pronounces "rubbish" as "rabbish".
    • Take two shots if it pisses off James.
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  • Take a shot if Bill and Ben burn something.
  • Take a shot every time the Narrator states an obvious trait about one of the engines, and then pretends to give the reader a moment to "recover."
  • Take a shot if an engine talks to the narrator.
    • Take two shots if it's about an unflattering comment.
  • Take a shot if Rheneas' blandness is mentioned.
  • Take a shot if Oliver mentions that he escaped from scrap.
  • Take a sip if Carlin swears.
    • Take a shot if someone other than Carlin swears.
    • Take two if it's Edward.
  • Down your glass if Rheneas talks without saying either "golly", "gosh", or "gumpkins".
  • Down a glass if a named character dies.
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