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  • Actor Allusion: Lily mentions that she has an aunt named Matilda.
  • Creator's Favorite: ToonGuy states in his FAQ that his favorite characters to write are Gordon and James.
  • Schedule Slip: TUGS Abridged hasn't been updated in over a year. ToonGuy has said this is due to the series being harder to write than Thomas Abridged.
  • What Could Have Been: Thomas and the Magic Railroad had quite a few ideas dropped.
    • Originally Inspector Norris was going to die instead of Percy’ Driver (Alec Baldwin) however due to the introduction of the Norris Clan, ToonGuy felt the death wouldn't be meaningful.
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    • ‘Arry and Bert were originally going to get hit in the head by Boulder giving them a personality change like Percy. However ToonGuy felt this punishment wasn’t good enough.
    • Another idea was for Splatter and Dodge to go under a witness protection program and become ‘Arry and Bert however that also fell through due to being to confusing.
    • Originally Duck was going to show the engines a video of his briefing instead of having a flashback.
    • Originally D199 was going to be a recurring villain in seasons 4 and 5.
    • Ivo Hugh was going to have a bigger role in Season 5, however that went out the window when ToonGuy realized there were only a few episodes with the narrow gauge engines.
    • Donald, Douglas,and Butch's battle against Arry, Bert, and George wasn't going to happen, it was originally going to end with Douglas' line about getting Duck down. However ToonGuy decided he wanted to give the twins something to do before the big battle, Arry and Bert a moment in the sun, and expand on George and Butch's rivalry.
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    • Truro’s reason for not having a face was originally different;
      • Originally the issue wasn’t going to be talked about at all.
      • However, ToonGuy then toyed with the idea of making it a disease, which would also explain why Butch didn't have a face in Horrid Lorry, but that also fell through.
    • The bit with Daisy at the end of Part 5 was almost cut.
    • A plot point ToonGuy thought about having was the original kids from Shining Time Station being kidnapped, but it was cut.
    • Early on ToonGuy considered making the movie a musical and would’ve adapted a few tracks from Jeff Wayne’s “War of The Worlds”.
    • Edward was originally going to kill 'Arry instead of Bill and Ben.
    • ToonGuy was originally going to kill off Ivo Hugh/Stunt Double during the battle of Sodor, however ToonGuy felt his death wouldn't be as emotionally effective due to the lack of character building ToonGuy had done with him.
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    • Spiteful Brakevan and company were originally going to die early on in Thomas and The Magic Railroad, however ToonGuy felt having them go out in a semi-blaze of glory was cooler.
    • Had TUGS Abridged been finished by the time Thomas and Magic Railroad Abridged was written, there would have been a huge tie-in between the two explaining what happened to the Star Tugs and Z-Stacks and how Captain Zero survived to the present day. The Two Green Eyed Tugs in Magic Railroad Part 4 are remnants of this idea.
      • As of season 7 this idea has been revisited, albeit from Zero's perspective.
    • Smudger was originally going to be revealed to be the stunt double, this was cut as ToonGuy wanted Smudger to play a bigger role.
    • Smudger's reveal as Bertram was originally going to happen in Mind That Bike, but ToonGuy felt the episode was long enough already.
    • Originally The Fat Director was going to be revealed to be Lowham Hatt in Season 13, however ToonGuy decided to do the reveal earlier to avoid making the mystery boring or not seem worth it in the end.
    • Had ToonGuy not used time travel in Paint Pots and Queens, amnesia would have been used instead.
    • A minor one, but originally It's Only Snow was going to be set around Christmas time so ToonGuy could move the series to 2003 to avoid continuity problems. Then ToonGuy discovered there were two more winter episodes in season 6 and the idea was scrapped.
    • Originally the Top Gear subplot in the Pack spin-off wasn't going to happen, however ToonGuy felt the Pack episodes were too weak on their own.
    • Originally there was only supposed to be one Juggernaut, that being Albert/98462, with Cecil/87546 being introduced later. However ToonGuy realized he had written the Juggernaut differently in two different stories so he decided to have it be that there were two Juggernauts instead of only one.
    • Originally the Fat Director was going to be the main villain after Thomas And The Magic Railroad, however ToonGuy felt that this would drag out the Fat Director's character too much so he switched it over to Captain Zero.
    • "In Which A Dinner Party Is Held" was originally going to be about "Comedy Night with Billy and Charlie" but it got scrapped due to ToonGuy being unable to come up with a satisfying ending for it.
  • Word of God: ToonGuy has confirmed Thumper died in Thomas and The Magic Railroad, he just forgot to write that in.
    • ToonGuy has also confirmed that Duke's fate is meant to be ambiguous.

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