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Ernest The Engine Cart will play a role at some point.

Hiro will be a member of the Iron Circle

Possible plot points for Season 8

  • Calling All Engines will have a sub-plot involving rescuing the Narrow Gauge Engines.

If Boco does return to the main series, his counterpart in Thomas Abridged will come from a timeline where he wasn't killed.

Alternatively if any characters appear or reappear in the main series that ToonGuy killed off, like Jock or BoCo, their reappearance in Thomas Abridged will be through the use of the Small Railway Engines

Possible appearances by other shows in Thomas Abridged

The Fat Director will pull a Kill and Replace on The Fat Controller.

Sidney and Paxton will turn out to be Splatter and Dodge from a universe where they weren't evil.

The head of the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre will be related to the Tracys in some way.

The series will end with Season 16.

Proteus is the Malignance

If Seasons 17-21 does get adapted, the central plot of it will involve the engines of Sodor fixing the damage caused in Seasons 8-16.

The Malignance will turn out to have had a hand in what caused Luke to go into hiding.

Duck, Oliver, Donald and Douglas' reason for returning to the island will have something to do with preventing Sailor John from finding Captain Callies' treasure.

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