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  • Better Than Canon: It's Downplayed due to Thomas and the Magic Railroad being non-canon, but many people prefer the Abridged version of Magic Railroad over the movie itself.
  • Funny Moments: There are really too many moments to mention.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: The bit about the Trotter marking down Percy’s Driver (Alec Baldwin) as someone who needed to die in Baa, becomes a lot harsher after Baldwin’s death in Thomas and The Magic Railroad
  • Moment of Awesome: Given the tendency for Sir Topham Hatt to blame the engines for things beyond their control, as well as Daisy's manipulations and overloading him with work, Percy's morphine driven rant about them both is pretty cathartic. Even moreso in that it leaves the irate Hatt and apathetic Daisy speechless.
    • The climax of "Mind that Bike" bears mention. Thomas, for once in his life, actually takes charge and directs everyone to evacuate the people, coaches, and even trucks away from the tracks planted with bombs. Then there's Duck's battle with Davidson, where the former holds off the latter, despite his Psycho Electro capabilities and demeanor. And when it seems as though Davidson will kill Duck, a well-timed truck knocks Davidson to his Karmic Death in the ocean.
    • Thomas and the Magic Railroad has so many of these that it would take forever to list them, pretty much every character in the story gets one.
    • The battle against Norris Von Stig was one giant one for the Pack.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Iron 'Arry and Bert's murder of BoCo, to provide Diesel 10 with a body, pretty much ensures they've crossed this before "Stepney Gets Lost".
  • Nightmare Fuel: Marklin (and later, The Malevolence) is a pretty disturbing Knight of Cerebus, who formerly invokes Paranoia Fuel as a background engine plotting while everyone was none the wiser.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • The Narrator's description of Henry's crash from Chapter 19:
    [James] reversed back onto another track, ready to give [Henry] a piece of his mind.
    Because for the first time, Henry the Green Engine wasn't responding to a jibe made by him.
    In fact, he wasn't responding at all.
    "Oh no." James whispered.
    • "Toby and the Stout Gentleman." It deals in the introduction of the tram-engine Toby, and his faithful companion Henrietta as they work on a slowly dying remote mountain rail line. Both of them are well aware that the old line is closing down as more and more goods and people are being moved by the roads than rail, but the entire time Toby keeps that fragile smile on his face, up until the very end. When the line finally closes, he bids farewell to Henrietta, and backs into his shed for the last time.
    Engines can sleep forever, if they so wish.
    • Carlin's departure from Sodor at the end of Season 4 is quite moving, which is made all the more sadder when even Percy, who's usually the last one to get emotional, starts sniffling.
    • Even more so for BoCo's departure in "Double Teething Troubles", especially when he and Edward talk for the last time. And then it turns to downright tragic when he's murdered by 'Arry and Bert on his way to the Mainland. Even the narrator seems saddened.
    • The death of Bertram/Smudger in Part 3 of Magic Railroad.
    • Duke's Heroic Sacrifice in Part 8 of Magic Railorad.
    • The ending of "Edward's Brass Band".
    • The end of "Three Cheers For Thomas", with The Fat Controller saying goodbye to Britt Allcroft and David Mitton, The Ffarquhar and Wellsworth branch lines getting closed down and Duck, Donald and Douglas deciding to leave the steam team behind due to the three of them being fugitives and The Steam Team thinking of the old Sodor to help them through Seasons 8-16.
  • What an Idiot!: Much of the humor explores and lampshades the bad decisions of, well, pretty much everyone on the Island. It's impossible to count the times that something stupid has happened. Edward manages to compile 100 of them in his book "What Were They Thinking?! 100 Tales of Stupidity from The Island of Sodor".
  • The Woobie: It's not hard to feel sorry for Edward, considering just how much idiocy he has to put up with on a day-to-day basis and the trauma that he suffered during the Second World War, as well as him noticing BoCo's mysterious absence, and later finding out about his death.
    • It's not hard to feel bad for most of the pack when you learn that most of their quirks come from the trauma they faced while working for Captain Zero.

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