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Drinking Game / Super Paper Mario

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The Drinking game for Super Paper Mario. This one actually has two versions: A Winner Is You and Alcohol Tic. The first deals with gameplay, the second with the characters. And, yes, if you want to, you can do both.

A Winner Is You

  • Take a drink any time you get a Pure Heart
  • Take a drink when you get a card.
    • Take one if you buy it, two if you find it.
  • Take a drink if you complete a recipe.
    • Take two if you produce a Mistake.
  • Take a drink at a boss battle.
    • Finish the drink if the boss is Mr. L.
  • Take a drink when you get a new Pixl.
    • Finish the drink if it's Barry, Dashell, or Piccolo.
  • Take a sip whenever flipping into 3D is required to progress through the game. You could try doing this every time you flip into 3D, but your liver will only fail that much sooner.
  • Finish your drink if you complete the Pit Of 100 Trials.
    • Have a glass of wine or two if you complete it without dying. You deserve it.
    • Make it champagne if it's The FLOPSIDE Pit of 100 Trials and you've made it through all three times without dying. As above, you deserve it.

Alcohol Tic

  • Take a drink whenever Count Bleck replaces "I" with Count Bleck... said Count Bleck!
  • Take a drink whenever Dimentio produces a simile which makes little to no sense.
  • Alternatively, take a drink whenever Dimentio does something really evil.
  • Take a drink when:
    • Flint Cragley says "CRAGLEY, HO!"
    • A Crag ends a sentence with "brah."
    • Natashia ends a sentence with "'k?"
    • Francis ends a sentence with "NERR!" Speaking of which...
  • Take a drink when:
    • A Nintendo shout-out shows up in Fort Francis.
      • Limit one per room, we don't want liver failure here.
    • Francis epitomizes the Straw Fan trope.
    • Francis is stereotypically nerdy.
  • Take one drink any time Mimi impersonates someone else.
    • Take two any time she does something terrifying.
      • Depending on the amount of alcohol you wish to consume, switch those two around, so it's two for impersonation and one for OH GOD WHAT IS THAT KILL IT KILL IT WITH FIRE.
    • Finish your drink every time you see her in a new outfit.
  • Take a drink whenever Luvbi is a Jerkass.