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  • In Chapter 7-4 of Super Paper Mario, Rebbi arrives with a brigade of Nimbis to help Mario and co. get past massive squadron of Skellobits and Skellobombers. Also counts as the closest that Super Mario Bros. will ever get to depicting Armageddon!
  • In Chapter 8-2 of Super Paper Mario, you have to fight Mimi (AGAIN) at the end, but this time you can only play as Peach. Nothing is better than kicking the most annoying boss's ass using Peach, of all characters. And to top that off, creepy but awesome music plays in the background.
    • Even better is what happens immediately before the fight. Mimi insults Peach for being a stereotypical Damsel in Distress, causing Peach to get angrier than we've ever seen her before and go after Mimi. When Mario and Luigi attempt to back her up, she firmly demands that they leave the fighting to her, and they respond by backing away slowly and giving Peach the space she needs to square off.
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    • Don't forget that Peach reveals her annoyance at being the Damsel Scrappy. Then, after the battle she attempts to save Mimi's life. If that doesn't save her from the scrappy heap, nothing will.
  • After that, Luigi manages to beat Dimentio without even using Pixls! Granted, it ended up playing into Dimentio's plan in the end, but that's still awesome for the Man in Green.
  • Tippi's "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Super Dimentio shortly before his death.
    Tippi: Nothing is decided entirely by fate, you know... All things determine their destinies. Good-bye now, Dimentio. We'll add a footnote to the prophecy about your failure.
    • Dimentio got told off by a rainbow-colored butterfly!
    • Bowser's line makes it even better:
    You believed in your prophecy, and we believed in mopping the floor with you!
    • Oh yeah, and Dimentio's Taking You with Me move that could only be canceled out ''BY A SUICIDAL MARRIAGE CEREMONY''. He didn't rely on the heroes being dumb enough to do absolutely nothing, as most villains tend to do. He still allowed the heroes a chance to win, but not without a great loss.
  • Every time you get a Mega Star, you transform into a humongous pixelated version of yourself which allows you to destroy anything in your path while a kick-ass version of the series invincibility theme plays in the background.
    • Not only is the star itself absolute 8-bit awesome, but the Mega Koopa involves an enemy picking it up and becoming a gigantic 8-bit Koopa, and running you down.
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  • You're talking to that nice old wizard, and suddenly, Dimentio, who at this point has begun to reveal what a Magnificent Bastard he is, shows up out of nowhere and SENDS YOU TO THE PG VERSION OF HELL. No battle, nothing. Just snaps his fingers and pretty much kills your whole party. What's more, he's relying on your ability to overcome that, and has in fact helped you out.


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