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Drinking Game / Our Avatars Are in a Room Together

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Take a drink when...


  • Cloud:
    • Has something bad happen to him through no fault of his own.
      • Two drinks when it's his own damn fault it happened and he acknowledges it. Three if he doesn't.
    • Only watches or listens what's going on without comment.
  • Gordon Freeman:
    • Cleans his glasses.
    • Smile-nods.
    • Two drinks every time he makes a vocal sound.
    • Technobabbles to explain the inexplicable things that happen.
  • Rock swears using Isaac Asimov's name.
  • Silver:
    • Blames himself for something.
      • 2 drinks if it wasn't directly his fault.
    • Makes coffee.
      • 2 drinks if it's not for himself.
    • Gets injured.
      • 2 drinks if the resulting injury leaves him at death's door.
    • Cries.
    • Down everything if he kills something.
  • The Lodger:
    • Is fucking bonkerpants crazy.
  • Lodger Jr.:
    • Says "sorry" or any variation thereof.
  • Homura takes her surname too literally.
  • Sayaka:
    • has a run-in with a female character reminiscent of Kyoko.
    • Goes crashing through a wall.
  • Archer:
    • Practices archery down in the firing range.
    • Takes note of another person's weapon in the narration.
      • Down the glass if/when he eventually produces a copy of it.
    • Brews a pot of tea that nobody drinks.
      • Drink a Long Island Ice Tea when somebody actually does.
  • Suzy berates herself in the narration
    • Alternatively, drink if Suzy sheds tears in any way
  • Seralth acts like a confused animal/baby
    • Take two if she actually helps out someone unintentionally
      • Take three if she goes berserk and tries to murder/eat someone.
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    • Alternatively, drink twice if her draconian features (breath, claws, etc.) cause her to accidentally injure somebody.
  • Julie says something about not getting excited.
    • For alcohol poisoning, take a sip every time Julie starts a sentence with "..." instead of a word.
  • Natsu bugs someone by being Hot-Blooded.
  • Roxas:
    • Attacks something.
      • Two sips if it's more powerful than him.
      • Three sips if he attacks multiple things at once.
      • If it actually gets someone hurt via collateral, finish your drink.
    • Goes off on someone because of a perceived insult to Xion.
    • If he uses a Cluster F-Bomb, take two sips.
  • Xion:
  • Gespenst:
    • Calls himself 'The Blade that Cleaves Evil'
    • heavily damages himself over the course of a fight
    • Tries to make a joke that falls flat on it's face


  • Two drinks if the original player kills them off anyway.
  • Get yourself wasted every time someone gets wasted.
  • Somebody strikes a bargain with a more powerful being.
    • Two if it backfires horribly and makes things worse.
      • Three on the off-chance that it doesn't. (We're looking at you, Servants.)
  • Finish the bottle when Ebony Darkness Dementia Raven Way shows up, because you'll probably need it.
  • Get drunk when someone in the room gets drunk
  • A bunch of characters get powers/weapons/entities from one franchise in particular (like Stands, Personas, or Servants).
    • For extra fun, drink every time one character gets one of these.
      • And if two characters have an interaction based around mutually having one of them, showing them off to each other optional.


  • [[Jam's Kindle autocorrects a word into something funnier.
  • Opera glitches up and does something odd to Game Spazzer's posts.
  • Mobile Leprechaun has to hastily wrap up a conversation/plotbunny because she needs to leave quickly.
    • Two drinks if it's because she has to go to class.
      • Three if things were just starting to get interesting.
  • Two drinks every time someone gets writers' block and has to abruptly stop posting because they ran out of ideas.
  • Someone jokingly makes a reference to TARDISES and/or his characters.
  • A new person shows up for a while and is never seen again.
    • Two drinks if they decide to stay.
      • Three if they become a long-term fixture to the thread.
  • A player decides to sit out of the thread for a bit to avoid getting massively ninjad/puts their character(s in some cases) in "Relevant Mode" until they come back.
  • Every time someone new joins as a "lovable asshole" OC that is not actually lovable and has travelled the multiverse and is therefore meta.
    • Two if it's a canon character twisted into this.
  • Every time someone fails to comprehend the title "Our Avatars Are In A Room Together" somehow.
  • megarockman misreads someone else's post and has his characters act on it, causing a chain of events that had no business taking place.
    • Take one drink for each conversation he is carrying out in excess of the number of characters he is playing.
  • Boxen brings in a character that eventually stops being played in favor of another character being played at the same time.
    • Or if he brings in characters for a future event but abandons it without warning before it's completed.
  • foxmccloud4387 goes back and edits a post he's made.
    • Two if the edit is done by the time another player has responded. Three if Fox goes back and restores his old post in a hurry. Four if he ends up creating a thing of edit tennis.
    • Chug the bottle if he executes the lynchpin of a complicated plan involving his characters built on subtle hints dropped over hundreds of pages... and it just naturally flies over everyone's heads.
  • Seer does something 2spooky4you
  • Too Many Ideas is contradicted, and edits his post to say "MOVE ALONG CITIZEN."
  • f1r3lemon has one of his characters cause an explosion.
    • Another one if its done in the name of !!Science!! and !!Progress!!.
    • Another one if its from an "accident".

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