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Welp, welcome to the darker corner of the internet, a place of horror! A place of strangeness and wonder! A place of uneeded complexity and domain of the random number god!

Or simply, welcome to my page!

I am just your regular internet user, with a love for Video Games, literary works, history both military and history, as well as love for anything I take in as fun!

I am what you would describe as the person with a RNG in his head; anything works in it, anything can happen with it, and anything can be hilarious and fun in it! Also, I tend to repeat things.


I am also a lazy,lazy bastard, a jackass, and a phatological liar depending on the topic on hand, so while I'm...creative, it mostly just get outsourced to wall of texts or general jackassery in video game settings.

That said, I'm very pleased to meet you!


Fuck it I'm too lazy to add more shit.

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