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Drinking Game / Cardcaptor Sakura

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Take a sweetened soft drink when...

  • Syaoran does a Luminescent Blush.
  • Yamazaki tells a wild story.
    • Take two if Chiharu punches, slaps, or kicks him for it. Finish your drink if she attacks him from above.
    • Add another when Syaoran and/or Sakura believe every word he says
    • Take two shots if Eriol joins in
  • Someone does a Face Fault.
  • Sakura fights a Clow Card at night.
  • Tomoyo gushes over Sakura.
  • Sonomi gushes over Sakura.
  • Touya has a new job.
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  • Sakura references her fear of ghosts.
  • Sakura uses one of her made-up words.
  • Someone's love confession is interrupted.
  • Syaoran starts fuming around Eriol.
  • Sakura seems weirded out by the outfit Tomoyo made for her.
  • In the manga, Sakura has a completely new bedspread-and-pillowcase set.
  • Yukito's massive appetite is referenced.
  • Nadeshiko's poor cooking skills are referenced.
  • Fujitaka's good parenting skills are referenced.
    • Take two if he isn't actually shown parenting.
  • Clow Reed's personality problems are referenced.
  • Sakura catches her baton with her face.
  • Sakura accomplishes a feat of athleticism and grace (e.g., roller-skating up a wall, doing a backflip, etc.)
  • In the anime, Meiling or Syaoran accomplishes a feat of athleticism and grace.
    • Take two sips if Meiling gets overshadowed by Sakura later in the episode.
  • Sakura has a strange dream.
    • Take two if Tokyo Tower appears.
  • In the anime, someone eavesdrops on someone else from a tree.
  • Someone crossdresses.
  • Sakura wears an animal-themed costume.
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  • Sakura wears a pink costume.
  • Sakura wears a costume with wings.
  • Sakura is shown possessing, buying, or receiving an item with wings on it.
  • Kero insults Sakura's intelligence.
  • Kero argues with Sakura over food.
  • In the anime, Kero argues with Sakura over his living space.
  • Kero is playing video games or reading a comic book.
    • Take two if the game or comic book references another CLAMP work.
  • Flowers suddenly appear on the page/onscreen.
  • A gust of wind suddenly appears on the page/onscreen.
  • A minor character is suddenly attacked by a Clow Card.
  • An unconscious character ends up in a bed in someone else's house.
  • Clow Reed's red armchair is shown (with or without someone sitting in it).
    • Take two sips if the person sitting in the chair isn't Eriol.
  • Clow Reed's death scene is referenced.
  • Someone calls Syaoran a brat or something along those lines.
  • Syaoran calls Kero a stuffed animal.
    • Take two if he's called a stuffed animal by someone other than Syaoran.
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  • Kero actually pretends to be a stuffed animal.
  • Yamazaki opens his eyes
  • The characters appear in school-issued ski outfits, bathing suits, etc.
  • The characters are seen wearing normal (non-school-issued) clothes
  • The characters appear in their summer school uniforms
  • Yukito transforms into Yue
  • Yukito eats ridiculous amounts of food
  • Cherry blossoms are seen in the background
  • Eriol makes a cryptic reference to something
  • A Clow Card is sealed
  • Meiling gushes over Syaoran
  • The characters visit Twin Bells
    • Take two if the important MacGuffin of the episode is purchased from there
  • Sakura dreams about the Tokyo Tower
  • The news references a girl in an unusual costume
  • Sakura roller-skates
  • Clow Reed makes an appearance
  • If watching the 1st OVA, take one for every time Madoushi denies that Clow Reed is long since dead.
  • The Sakura doll appears in the background
  • Someone talks about how great Nadeshiko was.
    • Take two if that someone isn't Fujitaka or Sonomi
  • Teddy bears are exchanged
  • A girl tries to hit on Touya
  • Somebody glomps someone else
  • Take two shots for every time Sakura calls forth the powers of two cards at the exact same time (such as when catching The Firey)
  • Take a shot for every single time Tomoyo has Skewed Priorities about filming Sakura.
  • Sakura reassures someone that she's fine, or that everything will be OK.
    • Two shots if someone other than Sakura does that.
  • If watching the Clear Card sequel, take a shot when the characters use smartphones, Skype, flat-screen T Vs and computers, etc. despite it being supposedly late in The '90s.

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