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Dethroning Moment / Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race

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Even though it's not technically a Cartoon Network show, you can expect several unsatisfactory moments that you'll want eliminated from this Canadian import.

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  • saundersaur: The fact that Geoff and Brody get to return two episodes before the finale and and then win the season in the US version. Coming back so late into the game only to steal victory from contestants who worked harder and competed all the way through is just so incredibly unfair, especially since neither of them had much development. Sanders and Macarthur absolutely deserved to win over Geoff and Brody because they worked their butts off the entire season and grew together as partners and friends. Sure, Geoff and Brody are nice guys, and I don't have anything against them, but that doesn't mean they deserved to win. Sanders and Macarthur are far more well-rounded characters with many more heroic qualities. ( For example: During the semi-finals, Macarthur, despite her win-at-all-costs attitude, actually went back to help her worst enemy Josee when she was in danger!) In my opinion this marks the fourth season where the finalist who most deserved to win lost to a less-deserving character (the most deserving character being the one who had the most character development, worked the hardest, and showed the most heroic qualities). The other seasons would be Island, in which Gwen deserved to win over Owen, Action, where Beth deserved to win over Duncan, and World Tour, where Heather deserved to win over Alejandro. Also, in both Canada and America, out of seven Total Drama seasons (counting All-Stars and Pahkitew as separate seasons and Ridonculous as a season), only one female has ever won a Total Drama competition. In the "official" Canadian endings, there were five consecutive seasons where a male won (including a season that had an all-male finale!) before a girl was allowed to win. The Ridonculous Race had the chance to give not one more, but two more women a victory on this show, but nope! They just had to bring two dudebros back after they were already eliminated so they could win. The ratio of male to female winners doesn't have to be perfectly even, but it's simply unfair how unbalanced it is.
    • Julayla: To be honest, I can agree with this. I don't know if it's because they don't think women are good enough or something, but at least one female, likable or not, should at least deserve to win the finale season. I hate it that the writers favor males more just to screw around with females. I mean I would've even been fine with the Ice Dancers to win just to see Josee's reaction with glee. But this is just making me wish that the series was cancelled all together.


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