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Xenosola is a land of Sword & Sorcery, of fairies and elves, of healers and wizards. The planet Earth is not unheard of, but considered a fictional world of silly fairytales - after all, who would believe in boxes that enable you to see things happen far, far away! You don't use boxes for that, you use crystal balls. Liana Salama, a 13-year-old, orphaned, cynical Anti-Hero, lives in the village of Sandyhill with her Aunt Olivia, Aunt Ericka and her older sister. Olivia Salama is a Manipulative Bitch, and keeps picking on Liana(and spoiling Irene)while Ericka is a distant, but kindhearted old woman. When Liana is offered a scholarship for Emilia Zanzibar's Wizarding School, everything is changed. She meets the spoiled, popular,rather stupid, Princess Rosalynn, who looks down on Liana because she's poor. Because of Rosalynn's snobbishness and cruelty, and Liana's fiery temper, stubbornness and arrogance, the two girls hate each other. Liana befriends the rich, but very shy Arianna, and later intelligent, cold-hearted Kristinya. For several months, Liana lives a pretty normal life learning magic at the boarding school, hanging out with her friends and snarking at Rosalynn, Catialynn and Mailynn.


Then everything changes.

Emilia Zanzibar's daughter, Sara, disappears, and Rosalynn's mother, the Queen, is accused of abducting her. Rosalynn is expelled, and Liana gets a rather creepy letter that tells her to find Sara in a month, or she will be killed along with all of her friends. The girls, despite their mutual loathing, team up to run away from the school. But when they meet the orphaned elven princess Maya, and her mute sister, Naya, they find that the adventure has only just begun.


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