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16 year old Kairi Amano had just moved in to a town called Suzumegasaki due to her father's career as a journalist. Living only with her divorced father for the past few years, Kairi's basically the only person to assist her father in his interest in journalism which the curiosity of hunting news naturally passed down to Kairi as well. Kairi attended a local private high school, Kasumigaoka High, wished for a great new start and as she befriended a fellow member of the school newspaper club, Shouko Rikuzaki, the first day of school went well for her. Except for that mysterious senior whom Kairi noticed had been having his eyes on her — not in a usual way.


...then the murders happened.

One of the school's Alpha Bitches was found dead with an unusual pattern on Kairi's second day of school. Another murder happened right at the next day and used the same MO. Taken out by her own curiosity, Kairi went out to investigate. Kairi's amateur sleuth actions was caught by the school's disciplinary committee but she was bailed out by the mysterious senior who had been following her on the first day. The senior, Isamu Kangetsujo knew something wasn't right too. He believed that the perp is inside the school and waiting for the police to finish the investigation will take too much time. Kangetsujo offered Kairi a hand on the investigation. Kairi hesitated at first, but desperate to dig the news, she agreed to solve the case with Kangetsujo's help.

As the investigation continues, Kairi gathered help from Rikuzaki, Kouga Hoshigawa — a boisterous jock who can get away with almost everyone on school, Shugo Minamoto — a senior who experts on mechanics, Renjou Ohimiya — one of the disciplinary committee member and Kangetsujo's close friend, and Mio Hiromi — an estranged girl who is able to profile anyone on school. They ended up being a ragtag bunch of misfit and finally able to wrap up the murder mystery and had the perp handed out to the local police.


Despite their triumph, this was just the beginning. And other crime started to emerged more violently than before. It happened that the past events of Suzumegasaki seems to hold a certain connection on why these murders are happening around town.

The story is divided into 8 segments, during the course of one year where a string of murders occur in Suzumegasaki and finally wrapped up in the last two segments where the history and the final conclusion for the murders is explained. Currently in development progress but mainly ready to be written out.


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