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"See, this is why we can't have nice things."
- Zareb

You may think that the wolf pack idea is pretty cliche and boring. Either ruthless as hell, or way too nice, or too much like a poorly planned anime of some kind. The plots are never good, right? The characters are hardly believable, aren't they?

This really isn't the cliche type of wolf story.

Meet Synester, a pint-sized wolf-husky hybrid, and the local [[Action Girl] and later a [1] for a brief time, and our guide to her pack, Damis Oblis, formed by her and a few friends. Her sarcasm, ditzy blonde reasoning, and fierce loyalty to her friends makes her probably the best guide, too, seeing as everybody else is either horribly biased, spineless, or batshit crazy. And times are tough.


A 568-page unpublished work, Seven Suns has two sequels and a prequel. Seven Suns: Call to Arms being the sequel, and Seven Suns Tribal and Seven Suns Revolutions being the sequels, in respective order. And the target audience certainly isn't for kids, with heaps of adult-style drama and blood. And rape. Not to mention the complex, twisted minds of these poor wolves, most of which are either publicly or secretly masochists, in

Synester and her friends (and enemies); Andromeda, Solaris, Severin, Zareb, Naimad, Isis, and Aluka; must fight the odds that seem to constantly haunt their pack, cursing them with bad luck in general, which is made all the worse because none of them have a good past anyways, resulting in heartbreak and insanity, guaranteed.

This contains examples of...

[[Actually, I Am Him]: Tenebae and Naimad. [spoiler: "Can you take me to your alphas?" "There's only one, actually." "Is his name Naimad?" "Aye." "Then please, take me to Naimad." "Follow me."]]


[2]: The behind the scenes, the commentary-type pages with, of course, comments and fun facts by creators and writers Jane Bramelle and Damian Vardette, the alternate endings, and the trivia. (Plus the mini-stories.)

[3]: Naimad, after his exile, even though Drakis Rubis, Draconis Emis, and Datis Tepis all love him.

[[Aloof Big Brother]: Zareb and Naimad, the former being the aloof big brother. He is aloof, and is basically seen as stronger, faster, and smarter than his little brother [[spoilder: until the kid grows up and turns out to be a real badass.]] Also, Dayja and Synester to a lesser degree, with Dayja being a better leader and more level-headed and calm than his little sister.

[[Break the Badass]: Naimad and Beverly... To a scary extent. Naimad is first seen abusing a complete badass and treating him like dirt, and later the abused badass rises up and... To say the least, it ain't pretty.


[[Light Is Not Good]: Aluka, being snowy white and gray with pale eyes. He's not good.

[4]: Naimad, eventually, and Andromeda too.

[5]: [spoiler: Severin and Solaris both.]

[6]: Sorta, with Russet who, true to her name, has a russet-red coat and is very fiery.

[7]: Aluka all the way. Probably driven by his better older brother's betterness.

[8]: [spoiler: Naimad, when last seen, is only described as 'a tall yet skinny youth, with long limbs and paws a few sizes too big for his body'. When he's seen next, he's a brute in the physical sense, sort of.]

[9]: Some characters are introduced/reintroduced this way. Such as [[spoiler: the grown-up Naimad, seen with Russet and Greyer at his sides; Sol, with two unnamed lady wolves, and later Naimad (again) with two males at his side, leaning all over him and 'laughing softly'.]

[10]: Aluka is seen as a huge freak because he's so solitary. The same is briefly thought of [spoiler:Isis]. Not to mention Tenebae.

[[Lust]]: Aluka, for sex regardless of gender. Andromeda for Synster. Synester for Severin, Solaris, and finally Andromeda. Daraphal for power. Beverly for Naimad. Naimad for eternal youth. (And you could say Tenebae lusts after the concept of 'everybody shut the fucking hell up'.)

[11]: Synester and Severin, Synester and Solaris, Synester and Andromeda, Naimad and Isis (twice), Naimad and pretty much everybody that he cared about...

[12]: In the special edition, Hero's Exile, [spoiler: when Naimad is wounded in battle, the at the time emotionally unstable Russet literally carries him to safety.] Also, Synester carrying Andromeda [spoiler: even though he's pretty much dead anyways] which makes it all the sadder.

[13]: Played for laughs sometimes, other times not. Naimad and Tenebae, the [14]s. The constant [15] of Daraphal and Aluka, which unnerves everybody. (And Aluka's usually looks like a rape face.) Not to mention the [16] of Beverly, Naimad when he's not frowning, and Aluka when his rape face is missing. On a lighter note, the [17] of Andromeda and Synester, which is hilarious. They're even teased by Daraphal for it.

[18]: Aluka. [spoiler: The two he wants to keep alive do live, but one kills him and the other is exiled for something he didn't do.]

[19]: Naimad, who only vaguely remembers his father, often asks Zareb about him. This is the same case with Synester and Dayja, as Synester knew nothing about her wild wolf father. [spoiler: And later, Tenebae asking Isis about his father.]

[20]: Synester and Naimad both have an obsession with roses, she with white and he with red. Go figure.

[21]: Sort of chapter seven, when Synester, Naimad, Aluka, Isis, Andromeda, and Dayja are hanging out. It's eventually revealed that [spoiler: Synester fears aging, Naimad fears losing what he cares about, Aluka fears death, Isis fears losing Naimad, Andromeda fears becoming like his father, and Dayja fears love (and Naimad finding out he loves him).]

[22]: Naimad and Aluka, and especially Tenebae.

[23]: Naimad and Aluka, being from the same forest originally, picked up the same accent (which sounds very British). While Aluka is [spoiler: pure fucking evil], Naimad [spoiler: isn't evil, just seen as evil constantly.]

[24]: All of the dialogue in the whole book, in the whole SERIES, is done like this, and even used to clue readers in on who's related to who and who's from which forest.

[25]: Everybody can tell where everybody else is from by their accent. The high-class (usual) British Naimad (who ends up sounding Posh sometimes), Zareb, and Rosen as well as Severin and Aluka are all from the 'northern woods'. Andromeda and his siblings are from the 'eastern woods'. French Synester and Dayja are from the area. Australian Ace, although from the area as well, spent much of his time with dogs and wolves from a strange area and thus picked up the accent. Most Drakis Rubis pack members have Cockney accents. Some other packs are depicted as sounding Scottish, Irish, or even Canadian. (Hilariously, hardly anybody has any kind of American accent even though the writers live in the USA. But they ARE from the UK.) Some minor characters have stereotypical Russian, Italian, Chinese, and Japanese accents.

[26]: All the time. "Son of a-" "Fuh-" "Shi-" "YOU MOTHERFUH-" It goes on.


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