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Richelle Mead (born November 12th 1976) is an American fantasy author, particularly known for writing Urban Fantasy. She has written novels aimed at both adults and young adults. Her debut novel, Succubus Blues, was published in 2007. She's perhaps best known for writing the Vampire Academy series, which has been adapted into both a film and a television series.

Her works with TV Tropes pages include:

Her other works include:

  • Love Stories with Bite
    • Immortal (2008), story "Blue Moon"
  • Kisses From Hell (2010): story "Sunshine"note 
  • Age of X series
    • Gameboard of the Gods (2013)
    • The Immortal Crown (2014)
    • The Eye of Andromeda (release cancelled)
  • Soundless (2015)
  • The Glittering Court series
    • The Glittering Court (2016)
    • Midnight Jewel (2017)
    • The Emerald Sea (2018)

Tropes found in her works include:

  • Cut Short: The Age of X series was left incomplete due to Mead's publishers cancelling the third book, The Eye of Andromeda; Mead stated that low sales were the reason the book never saw the light of day.
  • Development Hell: The Eye of Andromeda is currently stuck here. Mead has stated she would like to finally complete the Age of X series, especially with the amount of fan interest, but her publisher is unwilling to pick up the third book due to the previous books not selling well. Mead has considered self-publishing The Eye of Andromeda, but has stated she's busy writing contracted books (which she's legally obligated to complete), so The Eye of Andromeda remains on-hold.