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Portkey Games is a video game label that's a wholly owned subsidiary of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. The label is dedicated to solely producing games inspired by J. K. Rowling's Wizarding World franchise.

It was created in 2017 after WB had quietly begun to acquire studios for the label the previous year. Acquisitions included San Fransisco based Niantic, the developers of Pokémon GO and Salt Lake City based Avalanche Software that was previously owned by Disney but had shuttered after its own interactive entertainment division was restructured in March 2016. They are best known as the creators of Disney Infinity.

So far Portkey has only released mobile games but its first feature-length project called Hogwarts Legacy is set to launch some time in 2022. All games released are considered non-canon to the franchise at large. The developers are given freedom to tweak the universe as they see fit to tell the story they want to.


Games published by Portkey Games:

  • Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery (2018) : Developed by Jam City for iOS and Android. It takes you through seven years at Hogwarts between 1984-1991 as you try to find the protagonist's missing brother, Jacob. The Player Character is completely customizable.
  • Harry Potter: Wizards Unite (2019) : An augmented reality mobile game for iOS and Android developed by Niantic and sister studio WB San Fransisco. You take the role of an employee of the Ministry of Magic exploring the world to try to stop The Masquerade from being revealed.
  • Harry Potter: Puzzles and Spells (2020): A puzzle mobile game for iOS and Android.
  • Hogwarts Legacy (2022): An open world RPG set at Hogwarts during the late 19th century. You will fill the shoes of a student who started at Hogwarts four years late who's connected to a powerful and ancient magic.
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  • Harry Potter: Magic Awakened (TBA): A mobile game for for iOS and Android that takes place ten years after the events of the series.

Tropes applying to the label at large:

  • Alternate Continuity: The games are only "inspired by" the franchise and are not considered canon. The developers are given the freedom to tweak the universe as needed to tell the story they want to.