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Pastel (パステル) was a Japanese animation studio and an affiliate studio of OB Planning. It was founded in 1990 to provide animation for the works OB Planning produced. Much of the original staff at Pastel (including Shukichi Kanda, Tsukasa Koitabashi, Shōji Ōta, and Kunihiko Yuyama) went on to form OLM with Toshiaki Okuno.

In 2008, Pastel withdrew from the animation business.

There is also a studio called Cope (コーブ), which is practically the same company as it shares some of the same staff, and in fact existed even after OLM was established. For the sake of simplicity, both studios' works will be included in this article.

Credits include:



  • Izumo (with Grouper Productions and Studio Hibari)
  • Ken'yu Densetsu Yaiba (Animation Cooperation; 18 episodes)
  • Mojacko (Animation Cooperation for OLM; 25 episodes)
  • Nozomi Witches (Key and In-Between Animation)
  • Ogre Slayer (Animation Cooperation)
  • Princess Minerva (Animation Cooperation for Group TAC)
  • Slow Step (Animation Cooperation)
  • Ushio and Tora (Animation Cooperation)