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Encore Cartoons was a very obscure animation studio which only worked on three episodes of Tiny Toon Adventures (those episodes being "Strange Tales of Weird Science", "Hero Hamton", and "Looniversity Daze"). According to Tom Ruegger, it was located in Nevada, making it one of three domestic studios to work on the show (the others being Kennedy Cartoons and Star Toons). That said, all three episodes were inked, painted and shot by Fil-Cartoons.


It was allegedly run by Bill Hutten and Tony Love, though it is unknown who the animators were. It is also rumored that the company is related to Encore Enterprises, who did numerous TV specials and the 1997 version of Chucklewood Critters, though this hasn't been confirmed.

Tropes associated with Encore Cartoons:

  • Alan Smithee: On "Pit Bullied" and "The Toxic Revenger".
  • Animation Bump: Occasionally:
  • Depending on the Artist: Very much. This is further exacerbated because all three episodes feature animation by Kennedy Cartoons to fill in some gapsnote .
  • Deranged Animation: The slow-mo "Furrball gets rehabilitated" sequence in "Pit Bullied".
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  • Enhanced on DVD: Zig-zagged. "Looniversity Daze" contains three sequences where Jon McClenahan did some retake animation to replace lower quality Encore work. One of his sequences made it onto the version that was released on DVD (that is, Hamton asking Buster to beg for mercy when he goes to the principal's office). However, for the other two sequences (Buster's "That's my name, don't wear it out" in the same short, and Sweetie being smashed by a hammer in "Eating Between the Lines"), the original Encore animation is what made it onto DVD, much to the annoyance of fans.
  • Limited Animation: There are sequences where only a character's mouth moves.
  • Off-Model: Numerous:
    • In "Scentimental Pig", Plucky is drawn in a lanky manner when he's stuffing Hamton into the toaster, and has eyes which don't face the same direction for no reason.
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    • "The Learning Principal" has some of Encore's worst output:
      • There is a continuity/coloring error: A duck looking like Plucky is seen in the classroom, only colored purple. Once Buster is sent to the principal's office, the regular green-colored Plucky is waiting for Buster in the hall.
      • In the same short, Bugs Bunny is briefly drawn without his whiskers when he said that he knew Buster had some class clowning in him.
      • Early on in the short, the normally African-American Mary Melody is mis-colored as a Caucasian brunette in one shot.
    • In "What's Up, Nurse?", Plucky suddenly has sleeves on his shirt when he's airborne.
    • In "Eating Between The Lines" when Sweetie spots Bookworm and shouts "Lunch time!" she looks like a crazy pink vulture.
    • In the first wrap around segment of "Looniveristy Daze" during the scene in Bugs Bunny's class Calamity Coyote looks more like Wendell T. Wolf from Tazmania.
    • The stock footage used in "Strange Tales of Weird Science", as explained below.
  • One-Book Author: If Encore Cartoons isn't related to Encore Enterprises, that is.
  • Stock Footage: An odd example: The opening of "Strange Tales of Weird Science" (that is, Elmyra forcing Buster and Babs to play with her) was actually stock footage, though wasn't used in any aired episode. It was originally intended for "The Looney Beginning", but was cut for time. Since "Weird Science" was running short, this bit was inserted into the episode and had some new dialog ADR'd into the scene to change the context that Buster and Babs are late starting the show because they're being hounded by Elmyra. It's easy to tell this footage was meant for another episode, however, because it was animated by Kennedy and Wang Film Productions, while "Weird Science" was by Encore.