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Sarmiento was a writer, military, politician, journalist, teacher and former president of Argentina.In his country is considered to be a "prócer", a kind of patriotic hero, primarily for his Educational Revolution, as he hired North American teachers to create his elementary educational politics, and granted the right (and duty) of a free, state-controlled Elementary school across all the country. This revolution was a quintessential part of his plans for the modernization of Argentina, and is one of the main reasons why Argentina has one of the best, state-of-the-art, Educational systems all over the world, and one of the most educated and high Human Development Indexes all over the world.

His role in history is now questioned as he is recognized by his racism and xenophobia, and for his controversial ideas about the "barbarian" population of Argentina. Hell, even in early works as the Martín Fierro critiziced his domestic policies. Alberdi, the creator of the Argentinian Constitution, called him a "Caudillo with Frac", an oppressor and tyrant with bloodied hands, as he tossed war against Paraguay and the province of Entre Ríos, the most progressive states in South America in the middle XIX century.




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