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Defiant Comics was a short-lived comic book company founded in 1993 by Jim Shooter, a former editor-in-chief at Marvel Comics and Valiant Comics (as well as a co-founder of the latter), after he was ousted from Valiant; a lot of Defiant's creative staff were people who had followed Shooter from the company. Shooter himself also plotted or wrote some of the books.

Whatever potential the company might have had was cut short when it was hit by a lawsuit from Marvel's British imprint, Marvel UK, over the title of one of their first series, Plasm. At the time, Marvel UK had registered the name "Plasmer" as "intended to use", but hadn't done anything concrete with it yet. Because the names were similar enough that there was a risk that they would be confused with each other, Marvel threatened to sue. Defiant tried to change the title to Warriors of Plasm, but Marvel sued anyway, claiming the title infringed on the Plasmer trademark, and rushed out a Plasmer comic to support their legal case.


Defiant ultimately won the lawsuit, but the legal costs ate up much of the company's capital and held up a merchandising deal with Mattel until it fell apart. As a result, the company was shut down in 1995 while in the middle of its first big crossover, Schism.

Comics published by Defiant Comics:

  • Charlemagne: A teenage boy runs away to Vietnam to find his brother, a soldier who has gone MIA during the war, but ends up in a coma as the result of a military strike, then wakes up in the present day with incredible strength. Written by Jim Shooter and D.G. Chichester, drawn by Adam Pollina, created by Shooter.
  • Dark Dominion: A writer in New York City is able to access an alternate dimension similar to our own known as the Quantum Substratum. Written by Len Wein and Shooter; co-created by Shooter and Steve Ditko.
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  • The Good Guys: A group of teenage comic book fans gain superpowers after some supernatural incident and form a superhero team. Created by Jim Shooter, written by him and various other writers.
  • War Dancer: An ancient Aztec warrior prince who can channel magical powers through rain dancing appears in the present day United States. Created and drawn by Alan Weiss, co-written by him and Jim Shooter.
  • Warriors of Plasm: A high priest of an alien race of brutal, world-consuming conquerors launches a rebellion against his masters, abducting several humans and giving them superpowers in an attempt to form an army. However, only a few of them survive and form a dysfunctional team of superheroes.
    • Dogs of War: A spinoff from Warriors, featuring an ex-military man who gained powers of invisibility when he was abducted.
    • Prudence & Caution: Another spinoff featuring a pair of humans given superpowers when they were abducted. Written by Chris Claremont.


  • Arc Welding: The one-shot "The Origin of the Defiant Universe" tied together all of the Defiant titles, revealing that the Org of Plasm, a focal point of the Warriors of Plasm series, was created when War Dancer attempted the Dance of Two during the Black Plague, accidentally affecting the deep Dreamtime, cutting a large region of it off and mutating his dream planet into a biological being.
  • Crisis Crossover: Schism, which would run through the ongoing titles, similar to how Valiant's original Unity crossover was done, and have a 4 issue limited series. Because Defiant was shut down, the only issues related to the crossover that were released were one of Warriors of Plasm and one of Dogs of War.
  • Cut Short: As stated above, Defiant collapsed very suddenly and the ongoing titles ended as a result.
  • Meta Origin: In Defiant's shared universe, the powers could all be somehow traced back to "Dreamtime" — humanity's collective ID that existed on another plane of reality. All super-powered humans either learned to enter and access the surface level of the Dreamtime, unknowingly tapped into the deep Dreamtime energies unleashed by Lorca's invasion and wished superpowers for themselves, or got powers from Dreamtime's native lifeforms.