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Borisfen-Lutece is an animation studio located in the Ukraine, founded in 1990 by Roch Lener and Viktor Sleptsov after he left Ukrainafilm. It is mostly used for British and French animated series. Here is a brochure of its work.

Series/movies animated by Borisfen-Lutece:

  • 9 1/2 Minutes
  • 64 Zoo Lane
  • The Adventures of Marco & Gina
  • Archibald the Koala
  • Blue Beard's Last Wife
  • Carland Cross (with Sofia Animation, Exist, ICA, Odec Kid Cartoons, and Studio 4)
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  • Caroline and Her Friends (uncredited)
  • Clinic
  • Collet .45 (uncredited)
  • Comment ca Marche (aka The Way Things Work) (with Studio Dacodac)
  • Corneil and Bernie
  • Da Mob
  • Dig Squad
  • Etc.
  • Ethelbert the Tiger (with Taner Film, Nova-Nim, Studio Dacodac)
  • Good Soldier Shweik, The
  • Hydronauts, The
  • Lascars
  • Lazy Lucy (with Millitoon)
  • Les contes de la rue Broca (with Dacodac)
  • Les enfants du feu
  • Les voyages extraordinaires de Jules Verne - L'étoile du sud (aka The Southern Star)
  • The Little Reindeer
  • Lola and Virginia
  • Lupo Alberto (with Hahn Shin Corporation, Matita Animata, Studio 4, and Studio Imago)
  • Old Tom (with Nova-Nim and Dacodac)
  • Pablo the Little Red Fox (with Nova-Nim, Dacodac, and Millitoon)
  • Pense-Betes
  • Peter Pan & the Pirates (uncredited; see brochure for proof)
  • Pigeon Boy (with Taner Film, Studio Dacodac, and Millitoon)
  • Pitt & Kantrop (with Studio Dacodac)
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  • Santa's Christmas Snooze (aka Santa and the Magician)
  • Santa's Special Delivery
  • Stressed Eric (season 2, replacing Anivision) (uncredited)
  • Tales from St. Patrick's Graveyard
  • Talis: Chevalier du Temps (with Nova-Nim and Millitoon)
  • Vampires, Pirates and Aliens
  • The Willows in Winter

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