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Mike (full title: "Mike, der Taschengeldexperte" - "Mike, the pocket money expert") was a German comic that was distributed to kids for free, by the Volksbank / Raiffeisenbank. It's about the various mishaps of the hamster Mike, who tries (mostly unsuccessfully) to augment his pocket money with various odd jobs.

Other important characters:

  • Alfred, Mike's father
  • Dr. Karl Höhn, Mike's friend, a mixture of bird and mouse
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  • Bilne: A living, talking lightbulb from Hongkong who speaks all the R's as L's and looks much like Chinese people in older, un-PC works. Then again, Bilne isn't a human, not even a living being... er... you know what we mean.
  • Gierschlund Wolf, the recurring villain of the strip



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