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This is your last adventure, so shine, girl!

Captain Marvel: The End is a 2020 comic book published by Marvel Comics, written by Kelly Thompson and drawn by Carmen Carnero, released under a banner of related one-shots called The End. It follows Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) on her final adventure in a possible future of the Marvel Universe.

Set in the distant future, Captain Marvel returns to earth after 30 years living in another planet. She finds that earth has been destroyed and now there are only ruins. However, after searching a bit, she finds a group of survivors. She helps them to defeat a powerful sea monster, but that is not the real problem: the sun is dying. So she goes to space and restarts the sun, giving her life in the process.

Thompson's ongoing Captain Marvel title would later revisit this universe (officially dubbed Earth-20368) in a story arc titled The New World, wherein Carol is transported there and finds an opponent in Ove, son of Namor and The Enchantress.



  • 20 Minutes into the Future: The story is set 30 years in the future. Carol meets the daughters of many heroes, and some aged survivors.
  • After the End: The world that Carol finds has been completely devastated.
  • Generation Xerox: Rogue is succeeded by her daughter, who seems to have inherited her powerset along with Gambit's eyes.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Carol sacrifices herself to reboot Earth's dying Sun.
  • Kill It Through Its Stomach: That's the way they killed the invincible sea monster since it's skin is too tough.
  • Power Glows: Future Carol's powers have advanced to the point that she's glowing all the time. She says her skin is made of Pure Energy.
  • Survivor Guilt: Carol is haunted by it. Whatever happened that devastated earth, she was at the other side of the galaxy by then. She could have stopped it, or at least die during it with most of the others, but no: she survived, and even ignored what happened after some time later.
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  • Took a Level in Kindness: Jessica Drew is an old woman now. The age has done a very good job on toning down her usual "go to hell!" attitude.

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