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Characters / Wakko's Wish

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  • The Pollyanna: Lives as an orphan with his two siblings in an impoverished town, and yet has an undying sense of optimism.

  • Pep-Talk Song: "Never Give Up Hope", although Wakko doesn't sing the entire song, is a number in which Wakko encourages the weary, hopeless townspeople of Acme Falls.

  • Bad Mood Retreat: The harp in the siblings' home, which Wakko plays after his hard-earned ha'penny is stolen for taxes.

  • The Promise: Wakko promises his ailing sister, Dot, that he'll spend his ha'penny on her operation.

  • Big Heroic Run: Wakko's madcap dash to the wishing star after his sister "dies".

  • The Quiet One: Despite being the protagonist of the movie, Wakko has less lines than his brother, Yakko!

  • Make a Wish: In desperation, Wakko attempts to ask the one and only wishing star to help his sister. And it's Crazy Enough to Work!

  • Really Royalty Reveal: At the end of the movie, Wakko, along with his two siblings, are revealed to be the rightful rulers of Warnerstock.

  • All-Loving Hero: Although all of the other townspeople want to make a wish for themselves on the wishing star, all Wakko really wants is for his sister to be well and for the town to be prosperous again.


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