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Characters / The Osmerian Conflict

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Sarah Collins

The Commander of the UTSF RAINE. She is fresh out of military academy and is very naive and inexperienced on how things work in the world.
  • Blind Obedience: Sarah is blindly loyal to the UTSF particularly her dad until she is no longer able to deny the underhanded tactics employed by them in Sector J when they faced kidnapping and being killed.
  • Break the Cutie: Happens over the course of the book culminating with the realization that the UTSF doesn't care for her nor her crew, which allows her to break away from her aforementioned Blind Obedience to them.
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  • The Captain: Captain of the RAINE
  • Frontline General: As most battles center around the RAINE, Sarah has no choice but to command from the bridge on the front lines.

Fae Kirin

The head mechanic onboard the RAINE.
  • Action Girl: Goes with her Wrench Wench personality as she is not happy to sit back and let things happen. Also replaces Zee as Saku's partner when she is taken from teh crew
  • Super OCD With mechanical work anyways. It tends not to spill over to much else.
  • Team Mom: Does her best to maintain the balance between particularly the Generian/Terran relations on the RAINE. Goes as far as scolding Sonluth for attempting to disregard the harmony that would keep the crew intact.
  • Wrench Wench: Head mechanic and proud of it.


Izumi Maehara

The detection specialist onbaord the RAINE.
  • Bridge Bunny: Along with Kazumi and Megumi they make up detections and communications squad who is almost always on the bridge.
  • The Smart Guy: Very adept with computers and technology. It is mentioned that prior to being deployed with the current crew she hacked into a high level military computer system which results in some distrust among the civilians towards teh UTSF.

Marina Welsch

The brash and aggressive helmswoman of the RAINE. Not very good with words, and would much rather let her actions speak for her.


Sonluth Eclipse

Ex-soldier brought out of retirement.
  • Colonel Badass: Due largely to his previous mercenary work, he has a knack for doing a lot of things that leaves his immediate subordinates in awe.
  • The Drifter: Sonluth was a mercenary just prior to being recalled to the UTSF.
  • Secret Keeper: Sonluth, mostly with Izumi's help finds out a lot of secrets concerning the RAINE, its crew and the UTSF in events leading up to their deployment. Most of these secrets he never shares unless he has to tell a person whom either knows the secret or it pertains to in order to let them know that he's onto them.

Saku Mistral

Pilot of the Kor Hydro mechina
  • Intro Only Point of View: The story starts off from Saku's point of view before shifting almost exclusively to Sonluth's. It returns to Saku's for a run near the end but that is only because it is rotating between situations.
  • Laserguided Amnesia: Saku has amnesia of events prior to an accident at his training academy.


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