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Idols out of the 190+ characters from the Cinderella Girls subseries, who have attained enough popularity to earn an Image Song Drama CD of their own. Many idols created for Cinderella Girls, began as simplistic cliché roles and one-dimensional personalities. However, through many, many ways of supporting idols note , they evolve into more complex and detailed individuals. Once an idol reaches a threshold with these factors, Bandai Namco bestows her a voice actress and to extent, an entry into THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA MASTER series.


The first nine sets of these idols were periodically released in batches of five, and from the 10th batch, only features three, all the while balancing an equal number of Cute, Cool, and Passion idols as much as possible. There are also group albums, such as the jewelries! series (in which each album includes a single type theme song and five cover versions of popular songs sung by CM idols) and the MASTER SEASONS Series (a four seasons-themed album series in which each album includes a song with one representative of each type and a song with a trio of each type). Thus so far, 63 of 94 voiced idols have been officially given CINDERELLA MASTER albums.

Being the ones assigned with Cinderella Masters means that they get the bulk of the focus in the Cinderella Girls anime adaptation, with fourteen of them forming the core of the eponymous Cinderella Project, while others have recurring, if important, background roles as already-established idols.


The second season of the anime rounds off the rest of the Master Collection, with ten of them joining Mishiro's newly-established Project KRONE, or supporting members of the Cinderella Project, which indirectly opposes the former.

The following Cinderella Master idols below are listed in order of their official release number and divided by batches.

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Cinderella Master Idols