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Characters / The Expanse RPG

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The Expanse RPG features the following characters:

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Pre-gen Player Characters

    Addison “Addy” Grant 
  • Born in the Wrong Century: Idolises the early settlers of Mars, thinking that they knew how to live. Addy thinks that being good at fixing things on Mars today made one a glorified handyman, and the rough-and-tumble bars of yesteryear are now spas and restaurants. It is for this reason why Addy has moved to the Belt and Outer Planets, where the frontier spirit is still alive.
  • Smarter Than You Look: Takes this as a compliment.

    Ade Akintola 

    Casey Khatri 
  • Action Girl: Is a former Martian marine.
  • Composite Character: Casey is a large female Martian of South Asian descent who hails from the Mariner Valley, speaks with a Texan drawl and once served in the Martian Marine Corps. Sounds like she is Bobbie Draper and Alex Kamal rolled into one person.
  • Military Maverick: Left the MMC because her superiors liked having their orders followed to the letter and she felt she knew better. Her career in private security ended pretty much the same way for pretty much the same reason.

    Chao Zhang Sokolov 
  • Chronic Hero Syndrome: The description of Chao's Drive on his character sheet suggests this:
    "Your quality is compassion, naturally responding to others’ needs. Your downfall is self-sacrifice, a tendency to place those needs above your own."
  • The Medic: Serves as the medic aboard the Sommelier.
  • Your Terrorists Are Our Freedom Fighters: Was once a member of the Outer Planets Alliance, and he wears a split circle tattoo on the inside of his forearm signifying his former allegiance. Depending on his mood, however, Chao either hides it or displays it openly, suggesting that he has conflicting feelings about the OPA.

    Izzy Moon 
  • Reformed Criminal: Izzy's (entirely self-taught) hacking skills brought her to the attention of certain criminal elements in the Belt, and she was fine with working for them until she started to worry about getting in too deep. Now she's looking to stay legit and cut her old ties with organised crime, or at the very least stay beneath its notice.
  • Tattooed Crook: Surprisingly averted. Tattoos are an important part of Belter culture and her stint in organised crime would have made her this, but her character portrait doesn't show so much as one tattoo on her person.

    Nico Velez 
  • Ace Pilot
  • Action Girl: Despite identifying as neither male nor female (although Nico clearly has feminine features), Nico was once a part of the United Nations Navy.
  • Ambiguous Gender: Is described having 'Latinx' features, which would suggest that Nico is a gender non-conforming person.
  • Bald Women: Not bald in the strictest sense but their hair is cropped very close to their scalp.
  • Heavy Worlder: This comes with being an Earther.
  • Military Maverick: Was once a pilot with the UNN, but they quickly came to realise that the strict military life wasn't for her.
  • The Napoleon: On Earth, Nico would be considered just "a touch" below average height, but when compared to her Martian and Belter crewmates...
  • Street Urchin: Nico and their family lived on Basic AssistanceNote , and they signed up for the UNN in order to escape that life.


    Kai Dardanus 

    Orn Aquilo 

    Parvati Moneta 


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