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Characters / The Complete Adventures of Lucky Starr

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The recurring characters from The Complete Adventures of Lucky Starr.

David "Lucky" Starr

The titular character for each book, and member of the Council of Science. David was born on Earth, the child of Lawrence Starr and his wife Barbara. He grew up with four loving adults, because Lawrence, Conway, and Henree were all friends who had joined the Council of Science. David called all the men “Uncle” (sometimes even his father), and it was only natural that Henree and Conway adopt him when the Venus-bound ship his family were on was attacked by Space Pirates and David had to be ejected in an Escape Pod.


David has grown up amazingly, and after his initial assignments becomes known as "Lucky". He’s partnered with Bigman, and the two of them canvass the solar system to protect its citizens from dangers both internal and external. Lucky Starr's calm and decisive reactions contrast against Bigman's rash but resourceful responses, making the two a devastating duo for any opponent.

  • Foil: Bigman's Napoleon complex causes him to be eager to prove himself the match of any man. This boisterousness serves as comedic contrast to the much more level-headed Lucky Starr. Also Foil in height; bigman is barely more than five feet and Lucky is over six feet tall.
  • Go-to Alias: Lucky usually tells people his name is "William Williams", unless there's a reason why he has to use his identity as a member of the Council of Science.
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  • Punny Name: David Starr is nicknamed "Lucky", which means people call him "lucky star"
  • Space Cadet: David "Lucky" Starr is a young member of Earth's Council of Science, and is in his early twenties. Rather than being a sidekick, he has one in the form of John Bigman Jones, his unofficial buddy in their quest to keep the solar system safe for the average citizen and foil the plots from the Sirian colony.
  • Stellar Name: David's family name, "Starr", is remarked upon In-Universe during David Starr, Space Ranger. He claims that the parity is purely unintentional, so the Martian speaking with him says he should call himself "Space Ranger".
  • Universal Driver's License: No matter where Lucky Starr goes, there's probably an unusual vehicle that he hasn't driven before, yet he handles it remarkably competently (even when someone sabotages it). If he needs to be a great pilot, then some reference will be made about handling one before (like his personal spaceship or the Venusian Hopper).
    "I think I can handle any moving vehicle with a little practice."David Starr, David Starr, Space Ranger (of The Complete Adventures of Lucky Starr)
    "There isn't anything that moves that Lucky and I can't handle."Bigman, Lucky Starr and the Oceans of Venus (of The Complete Adventures of Lucky Starr)

John Bigman Jones

Lucky's shorter Sidekick, he's willing to go to great lengths to prove that he's the equal in size to any other man, irrespective of what a measuring stick might say.


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